ESPN's Lunardi has UH Making Sweet 16


Lunardi has us beating Michigan to make the Sweet 16.


Some experts believe this not only could be the year the Cougars finally get a win, but also could shake up the bracket in a wide-open West Region. Sports Illustrated calls the Cougars a “dark horse” in the tournament. ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi has UH as his Cinderella pick.


Maybe that’s why he kept putting us as a 9 or 10 seed in his brackets. Because he wanted his Cinderella pick to look as Cinderella-y as possible.

I picked us beating Michigan to get to the Sweet 16 as well. Unfortunately, in my bracket, that has us up against UNC and that’s where reason finally won out over my bias.


If they make it that far, enough eyebrows will be raised…and I fully believe UNC will be expecting full-on scraps from us. Gotta go 1-0 first, though.


You are right. We have not won a game in the NCAAs in 34 years. We have to win one game before anything else.

(shharper01) #6

Fifth most likely upset. 58% chance SDSU beats the Coogs. Make fools of them! However, SFA over Tech would be nice.