Example of Lack of Execution (with Pics)


16 yard TD run by Tulane. 1st and 10 at UH 16yd line.
Pre snap…Egbule lined up on slot

Initially he is fine…takes on tackle and keeps outside leverage.
But when RB gets bottled up inside, he decides move inside

RB bounces outside when Egbule breaks contain

Touchdown…and 9 players in middle field…should have been no gain or TFL

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I was telling a fellow Coog (in our section yesterday) that this has been a common occurrence for 8, Egbule. I said that he OFTEN gets caught inside and the RB breaks it out for big gains.

I guess the pictures just back it up. But if my feeble mind notices it, then other have to see the same thing…and much more.


Theres more believe me. He’s not the only one but he’s a regular


I have noticed that gap over and over. Is it defensive coaching?


No…that’s the point…its not coaching…its a discipline issue. You have to hold your contain position or gap responsibility until you are sure ball not coming there…only then you are free to pursue. Initially, we are totally gap sound…everyone else stays solid except Egbule. It’s hard to see in still frames but he isn’t blocked inside…he just thinks ball going up middle after RB gets bottled up, but we have plenty coverage there. This is what’s called “freelancing”. He needs “do his job”.There are times we do it right…we had 8 tackles for loss in the game. I will show some positive ones too


When the same discipline issues are rearing their heads all season, discipline is a coaching issue.



Let me make an analogy.
If I have a conversation with my teenager before they leave the house…and I tell them all the reasons they shouldn’t drink or do drugs or text and drive…but they leave the house and decide to do one of those things…am i a bad parent or coach? I taught them well on practice field and sent them into the game. I can’t go into game with them and whisper in their ear.

What are players responsible for then? I can show you many times where Egbule and others…Godfrey #43 do it right. So they know what to do. They have been taught. They do it right a lot more than they do it wrong. But when you do it wrong it can
result in 7 points or a first down.

For some reason we as fans give the benefit of the doubt to the 20 year old playing in front of large crowd on national TV, that they do everything exactly as they were taught. Yet we always second guess the adult coach as to whether he has taught his players fundamental skills. As fans we get emotional. I rewatch every games…often several times…I pause, rewind. Players doing “their job” has a huge effect on the plays outcome. On this play we were TOTALLY GAP SOUND. There was no where to go. Egbule after initially doing “his job”, decided he wanted to get in on tackle…thaught RB was gonna go up middle. He was wrong…he gave him only escape route. It shows better on video…I will try post it


I hear what your saying and agree, it’s execution. Football isn’t rocket science. Grant Stuard got sucked inside vs TTU on that 77 yard run that setup a score, but he’s a freshman and Egbule a Jr.

How do/should a coach correct this problem? In my day, he’d do about 30 minutes to an hour of grass drills before joining is position coach for practice. Maybe that’s illegal now. Something about pain and/or puking that tends to make one not do the behavior that led to the pain/puking. It always worked on me.


Yes…you get it! I am going to post the 77 yard run. CMD brings 2 blitzers off left side…Stuart and I believe Davis. Stuard gets himself blocked…ill explain later and Davis takes bad angle…he should be more flat to LOS. Davis also screws up coverage on long Coutte pass TD.
Correcting? What can you do besides continuing to coach them. Todays players are a different breed…you can’t treat them like Bear Bryant did the Junction Boys. Egbule had several lapses vs Tulane. He’s a Jr…he started 5 games last year…replaced Bowser? but had no sacks or TFL. He gets it right sometimes but I see frequent lapses in judgement from him.


A player or teenager can make a mistake once with good or bad coaching/parenting. Here’s where your analogy falls apart. If your teenager continues to make the same mistake over and over, you can’t replace them with another teenager. A coach can


I would rather watch the defense knock the snot out of people and get burned one v one once in a while as opposed to watching 8 guys run around like chickens with their heads cut off.


So Donofrio is playing a converted WR and a walk on at CB…if they had better they wouldn’t had to convert WR and give a walk on a scholarship. There’s nobody else…Wilson left for NFL…I guess prior staff didn’t see it coming. I know this staff tried get at least one grad transfer but it didn’t happen. They also have 4 injured DBs that played early in year. Kahlil has missed last 2 games…played a series vs Tulane. So they are playing Egbule, Godfrey and Anenih in coverage…what does that say about what’s availabile?


I don’t know If they have better options. They had the best QB option playing WR

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It’s been discussed ad nauseam here why King was at WR instead of QB at the start of the season. Why some people can’t seem to understand is beyond me.


I don’t know how you couldn’t give Allen a shot…former #1 QB recruit falls in your lap and had success at A&M. And King was hurt. Who knew Allen would crap out…I was excited he was here but aside from picking apart lowly Rice, didn’t work. King is great…excited for next few years. He made couple bad reads vs Tulane. Even Ward had ups and downs.

Kings expectations went thru roof…Hail mary and TD run and field day vs awful ECU defense. Reality is somewhere in the middle. Kid is dynamic for sure and has serious wheels


Oh… I understand. King was injured so he didn’t get the reps of Allen. But reps mean nothing when the player’s skill set doesn’t match the offense. Allen could get 2 years of reps in this offense and King with 2 weeks of reps would be better in the offense

Nothing against Allen. Just not his skill set. As great as Ward was in this offense, give him 2 months of practice reps as an Air Raid pocket passer, Klingler would have been better with just 2 weeks of reps

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But if it was not in Allen’s skill set isn’t it incumbent on this staff to build a scheme suited to his skills. I have to wonder if he just chose not to do certain things. Allen is not King or Ward fast but the QB doesn’t have to be in this offense. He rarely ran (being generous) if you take that away it’s one less thing for the D to worry. So Allen didn’t run or want to? If that was going to be the case then set him up for success, I didn’t get that vibe from this staff.

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Good stuff, Manster. Doesn’t matter how much football knowledge you bring to the discussion (coaches, players and schemes), it’s simply wasted on some. The funniest yet: how does a coach prepare a scheme (somebody else’s words) for a player incapable of executing for lack of physical and/or mental skills?


Either you find a scheme that works with the player’s limited abilities, or you bench the player. If you can’t find 11 guys among about 50 capable of executing your scheme, you don’t have a good scheme.


I don’t know why you would recruit a player who has no physical skills and low mental capacity?
I would see recruiting a stud CB for instance, who is great cover guy, but not smart to be kind…and just give him a guy to cover each play.

A smart player…who is limited physically can work. But position matters. A run stuffer for instance.
your players need some smarts today. offenses are complicated(so offense needs be smart) and defense needs guys who can think and move at same time…defending RPO is not easy.
Also you see so much hurry up stuff they need be able to take call from sideline, digest it and execute their assignment.Defenses don’t get to huddle anymore.

Fictitious example…lets assume Ed Oliver is not smart(we know he is) but he’s still Ed physically. You just give him a gap to blow up each down…you know that gap is accounted for and have smarter guys play around it.

Centers need be smart and can be limited physically but strong., LBs due to run and pass responsibilities every down need be smart and have physical ability, need to run. Safeties make a lot of calls and need be smart. QBs obviously