Excited to finally see Bryson at QB

This season has been one interesting scientific experiment


Indeed. Bryson has some real potential. This could be perfect for everybody. Multiple talented QB’s makes us a better Team. I want to see competition if D’Eriq does come back. That is what winning programs do.


You mean winning programs arent tanking when they redshirt multiple 4 star players?

I bet Bryson has been prepping since the team got off the bus. If he manages the game and picks up first downs with his legs then it’ll be a good debut.

I saw a comment but didn’t realize Bryson is listed at 6’0" and 190 lbs. That with his quickness…

I wonder if he has small hands because he tends to fumble alot in the past or drop passes thrown to him.

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Lol, I cant help to mention it but you really just soft tossed one down the middle of the plate.

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I am not happy seeing him at QB. This confirms that he could have played QB vs Army and Tune’s RS year could have been saved last season. Instead it was wasted on that debacle.


You are correct

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Should be qb … he is ward jr


I don’t see it !

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You haven’t seen him throw more than once and he was 1-1 TD unless he threw again when I wasn’t watching because I was working. Lol

Kinda a small sample size.

Not convinced he is that good of a receiver. His routes are suspect. He is a good runner.

I was excited to finally NOT see him at receiver.
As for qb not seeing it.
We needed a healthy Tune and not sure he should have played at all.


One of the bright spots of the game.


The one from Tune to Stephenson was also nice…just doesn’t fit your narrative.

FYI…I liked them both.


He might very well be our QB if Tune cant play at Uconn or the foreseeable future. As far as someone mentioning CDH wanting him to stay as a WR option in another thread, it might be time to get one of the redshirt freshmen some playing time. They’re green but can run too. That’s either Thomas, Morgan, or Sawyer. They all have wheels.


Bryson Smith >>> Tune :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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I prefer to see Bryson at QB and risk struggling / losing than have Tune do serious hamstring damage


Wonder how many reps Smith had in preparation for Cincy? In the presser, CDH said young Hogo had practiced well. Would love to see Smith for more than just a series or two – assuming he’s had time to prepare.