Expansion Discussion?!


Why is the discussion of expansion is being resuscitated by the media Now!!! Is there something going on behind the scenes that they want us to know about??? MHver3, McMurphy…recently…I just want to know???

(Mark) #2

Feels like silly rumor season always crops up in December. Guess between people being bored and coaches changing jobs it’s easy to spread some BS around.

(PortlandCoog) #3

I am of the opinion expansion only happens now through litigation.


All I want for Christmas is expansion.

(Munzell Milluns) #5

click bait


As we say in r/CFB, DRINK!


https://mobile.twitter.com/flugempire is posting his B1G informer, BTM, is stating the B1G will go after OU & UT.
Their previous post were the B1G would go after OU & KU.

It seems probable the B1G will try for some combination from the B12. OU is negotiating T3 rights. If OU signs a short term contract, like 2025, it will be telling.


It does make sense for the B1G monetarily to go after UT and OU but I don’t see UT giving up LHN and $15M a year. It would sure help the B1G west division.

I hope Pez and Khator are talking to the PAC12 before B12 leftovers start looking for a new home.


Now the Flug is at it…