Expectations for next year

BYU, Wash St, Memphis, Cincinnati, Navy all on road, tough schedule next year , probably 5 losses is my guess

Tune is not the answer, he’s a reliable backup. If we go ahead and say King is gone (which I believe), DH better find a Juco or transfer QB. Too many uncertainties to expect 10 or more wins. Anything below 7-5 won’t be acceptable. Hopefully whatever happens expectations are exceeded.


Play for the conference championship.

So you put your faith in King, the same guy who bailed on his team this year leaving us with a guy who had played a total of five games as a Coog starter?
Tune may not be the answer, but this program has a lot more question marks than quarterback next year. No doubt our defense played hard, but had absolutely no clue on how to stop the Navy running offense and certainly gave us nothing to be optimistic about for next year.
At least the offense held its own offensively. While making too many mistakes the offense at least kept Navy on its toes the entire game…our defense, for the most part was just terrible…

8-4. My expectations go to 10-2 in 2021 and higher in 2022.


Next year? No idea.

Off Season. It is not going to be pretty here.


We won’t know who the best QB is until our O-line is fixed. We’ll finish 3rd next year and contend for the title year after next. That’s about in line with our historical cycle.

Mike did you see King last night on the sidelines ? His face looked upset . He was wearing a black baseball cap with non-UH logo . I do not know if he had red on . I am not confident he will return .

Regardless of who is QB, we’ll be fortunate to be 8-4.

My expectations are that we play for an AAC championship. I see no reason why we should not be able to do so with the roster we have for next season.
I really don’t see anything that daunting about our schedule that a really good team should not be able to handle.


I expect us to win every game we play, not likely, but that is my expectation.


10 with king/stevenson…(assuming we have some nice pickups this offseason)…ill go 9 without Stevenson

7 with tune…

7 “or more” with a touted transfer QB (elite freshman)…since we have tune as a floor as a worst case scenerio

memphis and UC likely losing coaches, smu grad transfer plan has a draw back of players only being there 1 year (though buechele is still there)…ucf will likely be a monster …not an overallyu impressive OOC…ucf is the only team that will “likely” have be that worrisome

I didn’t see King. I sit in section 228 (2nd level across field) and I didn’t bring binoculors. I don’t think he will return (just my opinion) either.

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My expectation is that the football coach at the University of Houston takes the players he has and finds ways to make them successful with success defined as winning. It is not that he takes a ‘do-over’ on the season, blames someone else for the situation he voluntarily agreed to take on and is paid millions for. A more positive observation is the young people on the field this season did show improvement throughout and that is good. But CDH has used all his goodwill this season. Less than nine wins next year is not acceptable.


Sounds like he had no goodwill with you to start with. Who appointed you as the goodwill inventory manager?

I think that Holgerson did a fantastic job with what he had. Just like Sampson, give him time. He is trying to build a winning program, not just a winning team every once in a while.


With King, 11-1, without King 8-4.


Relatively low expectations. I’m thinking probably 7-5.

Well, mine is pretty low, coming off our worst season in 15 years. Brutal roadies for a 6-6.

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Next year will be just as tough as this year but with a better foundation to build from. I don’t see us contending for the conference until the year after.
Really excited about watching that new QB develop too.

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As far record goes, I have no idea.

I do hope for (expect) fewer offensive turnovers and miscues. Defensively, more turnovers, fewer coverage and read busts.

If we can do that we will win more than we lose, 7-5 minimum, I think.