Explanation Please

(April) #1

Can someone please explain the comment by the referee when Navy got the two penalties on the same play? He said something like “Because they are down and the penalties are on the defense, Houston gets the option to take the ball on the snap.” But, Navy punted as expected so I didn’t understand the comments (and don’t remember hearing them in a game previously).

(Thomas Hitchcock) #2

I am nowhere near certain, but I thought it was a clock issue, whether or not time was to be taken off the clock was a UH decision??


I guess was we got the option to have the clock stop until the snap.


I went home and watched the game off DVR and when that happened neither announcer said a single thing about it as if nothing was wrong so i’m still scratching my head over that one as well.

(Mike Hull) #5

I’ll take a hack at this.

I believe there is a 10-second runoff following an offensive penalty when there’s two minutes left in a half.

However, I took what the ref to say to mean that because the penalty occurred prior to a change in possession, the team receiving the ball (or gaining possession–the Coogs), could waive that runoff.

If we were inclined to run the clock down–say we’ve got a two or three score lead at the end of the second half, the refs would execute the runoff. But because we wanted a chance to score again, we waived the runoff.

Not 100% sure on this–but that’s my best guess.

And, yes, that annoys the crap out of me when there’s clearly something that is going on or has gone on and the announcers are seemingly oblivious to it. It’s kind of funny when the production crew re-runs a play showing something that could be an issue (stepping out of bounds, loose ball, non-called penalty, etc.) and the announcers are in another world and don’t pick up on the cue.

(April) #6

Thanks Lawbert. That makes sense but for the fact that we had three time outs and just chose to run the ball and not use them to try and score before halftime! Lots that didn’t make sense at that point.

(Ben) #7

CMA was saving the Time Outs for next season . . . . .

(Mike Hull) #8

Watched the replay today.
But I noticed the ref said something about the losing team. So maybe it’s not about the change in possession, but rather the team behind on the scoreboard (we were down 7-14) having the right to waive the runoff.

This might make more sense. Otherwise, the leading team could just start getting penalties without ever taking the snap and risking turning the ball over.

Either way, same result–we could waive the runoff.