Fabian white

Any news on how his rehab is going?

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He’s been showing up in a lot of Coach Bishop’s pictures and videos lifting and without any knee brace. He isn’t going to play this year, but I’m assuming things are going well.

May be possible that he could return at the end of the season but my understanding is he plans to sit this season.


He should because he’s a senior.

If there was ever a season to sit out it’s this season…


No rush to get back. Rest, recoup, train, work-out, then have a banner year and go to the league.

Only unless he is ready to leave school and feels he is healthy enough to go overseas and play

You actually think he’s an NBA player. Interesting…

Since he isnt playing I wonder if his loud mother will be in the stands. She sits a couple of rows behind us. Yells at the officials like its a JH game. Whites sister plays for Atascosita. I asked her coach(known her a long time) if she acts like that at the HS games. She does not. At a D1 game its okay. At HS level we dont listen to that. I told her coach that if she acted like that at a game I was calling and didnt tone it down she would be sitting outside the gym. For 90/game we dont tolerate that(at least I dont).

If I was a bettin man I’d wager your second cousins play paper rock scissors to see who has to sit next you at thanksgiving.


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