Facilities, Football Fever Growing At the University of Memphis

Article on how Memphis is trying ot build facilities and increase their profile. Sounds very familiar:

Facilities, Football Fever Growing At the University of Memphis

TDN: How are season ticket sales going?

Bowen: We have surpassed last year’s record. Season football parking is sold out. That’s never happened. We’re north of 8,400 season tickets. Last year at this time we were at maybe 3,500.

Good. I want to beat them more now! But I hope they grow because that means the AAC grows.


Great write up. Curious to know how their new basketball practice facility compares to ours.

He also said they have 700 members in their lettermen association compared to the 120 when he started. Anyone know how that compares to us?

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bleep Memphis. :imp:

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U of M takes on $10M debt to build indoor football practice facility

The facility will include a climate-controlled, 120-yard practice field, and renovations of the existing Murphy Complex will include a restaurant and football operations office.

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