Facilities impact on recruiting

(Chris) #1

We often mention the facilities and recruiting. This is quite interesting.

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(Patrick) #2

Chris, moving this to a new topic as it deserves it’s own thread. Thanks for posting.

(PMM) #3

I hope tax payer money was not used for this study as it was less than useless !!


It reiterates what I’ve always deduced, that facilities do nothing but stroke egos. Upgrading from Robertson stadium being the sole necessity since Robertson was a total dump.

But there was no reason to remove the rv lot for the new facility just because Herman wanted it. It will not pay off in better recruits and alienated a portion of the fan base.

Keeping up with the jones’ as far as facilities, is a myth.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

I once equated spending hundreds of millions of dollars on facility upgrades and then limiting the coaching staff to under a couple million a year, to being like buying a stretch Hummer limo for your chauffeur business and then getting a pizza delivery guy for your driver. He might be a great driver but he probably has no formal training/experience on how to deal with the level of clients you are trying to attract.

(Cristian) #6

Another explanation is that new football and basketball facilities could have little to no effect on recruiting rankings because a large number of schools have made upgrades in the past 10-15 years. Prospective student-athletes would have many upgraded or new facilities to select from, meaning these new facilities would no longer stand out. This situation personifies the saying, “the rising tide lifts all boats,”

We were in need of a indoor facility especially in Houston weather (thunder, tsunamis, Snow, Lava). It does go on to say that the proposal of a new facility is a far better recruiting tool than the actual building. I think we were playing catch up and needed atleast imo the stadium, IPF and locker room. Other than that i dont see the need for anything else. But we did need improvements.

(Brad) #7

If we want P5 recruits, we need P5 level facilities. If we want to be in P5, we need P5 level facilities.

We need he Pavilians back. Those were a huge loss for us alumni that had them.


Maybe new facilities don’t sway many recruits but I bet dumpy ones turn them off.

(Grant) #9

Absolutley. Robertson and Hoffheinz were definitely holding us back, not just in recruiting, but also in legitimizing UH as a program. No larger conference would have touched us with those facilities. As far as the practice field? That may not be all that useful in recruiting but it sure is extremely functional given the climate.


I spoke to Nate Hinton at the Fertitta Center tour. He was gushing about our facilities. Obviously played a role in his recruitment.

Either your school is committed to winning, or it isn’t.

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Keep in mind that this study was primarily with P5 programs. IMO there is no doubt that we had to bridge a gap. A gulf is a better word. The gap was always our own administration vs sports. It is pretty simple. Prior to Mrs. Khator’s arrival our facilities were worst than some old High Schools. You have to wonder why did we have this lack of leadership especially for a Football crazy state like Texas. I would like to know more about this subject. Feel free to add to this. University leaders are appointed by whom? Remember history repeats itself. Our past successes were due of the result of great Coaching and great communicators. Can you have success without facilities? Sure you can but when you have crumbling facilities it makes it harder to sell a G5 plan vs a mediocre P5 one.
I am hoping that our administration has learned from the past. You car always look better when you have it detailed than when it is full of dirt.

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As an alum of Katy HS and UH, I completely agree with this. We talk a lot about keeping local Houston and Texas talent. Realize that the biggest/best HS programs in Texas have state-of-the-art weight rooms, locker rooms, practice facilities and stadiums. We HAD to keep up if we want to get those kids to stay home.


Recruits may not choose a school because of it’s facilities but they will choose not to attend a school if the facilities are sub par.

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Correction: If we want P5 recruits, we need P5 coaches. Not coaches stopping by on their way to P5.

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sorry shaggy your not going to get long term p5 coaching without p5 status.
even $$ may not fix the issue, unless playoff expands. then as long as the top aac champ gets a slot then we might be able to swing it. Any top coach wants a chance to be at the pinnacle of his profession…without access to the cfb playoff, you won’t keep the best guys here.


Yep. If you want P5 recruits you need to be a P5 school. Ed is the exception because he came to UH to play on the same team as his brother.

(Brad) #17

Applewhite is a genuine dude. I see him as the type who would like to build a legacy instead of jumping for the quick payday. I think he will surprise people on several fronts, including sticking around longer than people think. He can be for us what Gary Patterson is for TCU.


That is what I thought about Herman after he said that he would rather paint his own picture than embellish someone else’s. I did not notice his eye twitch when he said it so it is my fault for being fooled. I will not expect any coach to be here past the current year again.


Fool me once, briles, shame on you. Fool me twice, sumlin, shame on me. Fool me again, Herman, and heck I must be a coog fan.

I’ll enjoy each ride while it lasts and hope to avoid the dimels, heltons, and Levines.

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Herman was on the radio telling the world Houston is the “greatest city on earth”. The dude was full of crap. I couldn’t believe anything that came out of his mouth. Applewhite is one of us. It’s night and day.