Facilities plan

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Why has the Athletic department not put together a long term facilities plan with a architecture firm. I know there is the Football operations facility planned, but there are also more longterm goals. I’ve heard there are also plans for a over haul of the Alumni Center. I would still like to see somekind of indoor tennis practice facility by the grassy knoll. They just need to put a structure over a few courts. Having a long term plan in place would also help in saving costs while assisting in fund raising.


I have seen a campus master plan that included future athletic facilities as well as new facilities for other departments. It seems that they are working towards bringing a sense of order to the entire campus. I didn’t pay attention to the specific buildings, but there is a master plan.


Facility plans would be nice but we know the next big construction task will be the football operations center. More than likely the Ops center will be redesigned which leads me to a nice design ideal. If they put the locker room on the second floor, they should build a skywalk from the Ops center to the IPF going over the awning. The skywalk would have glass on both sides and look similar to how they look downtown. Having a skywalk means the athletes would not have to deal with adverse weather going to the indoor practice facility.


That idea reminds me of what was done for the Houston Ballet.

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I totally read the post header as “Fatalities plan”

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I guess with the new UH ops building that Football will have two locker room like basketball. They designed the current locker room in TDECU so player can be seen taking the field from the club, so figure the football ops building will have a everyday locker room and they will keep the one in TDECU for game day.

I am interested to see what they do with the Alumni Center. I know track would like one of those raised and curved surfaces. I believe the volleyball team will still use the facility for practice and training. Still think they need to build a seperate indoor structure for tennis.

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Fixed it!

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Palm trees? I had to.

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The master plan does contain any future building plans. However, I believe a lot of ideas, like the football ops building, are on hold for now. Ops building was a “go” if Herman stayed, but got put on the backburner once he left.

I believe updating the track in the Alumni Center is next on the list after the Fertitta Center is finished and the baseball development facility is completed. After that, I don’t believe there is a set plan unless a large amount of cash comes in.

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It would not surprise me if the Football Ops building has been put on hold after there was no Big 12 expansion. That money could have been earmarked for the building.

Not saying I know for sure, just an assumption and is in line with they would need a big donation for the building to move forward.


I think Hunter said they the football ops center would probably have to wait until the oil business recovers a little bit.


Whenever the football team gets their operation center built and move their weight room from the Alumni Center, the volleyball team could use the old weight room as permanent courts with renovation of the ceiling/roof structure. The ceiling would have to be raised to a minimum height of 23 feet if not already, and the support columns would need to be moved alone the walls. Just an idea to improve other UH athletics.

With the exit of the basketball team, baseball team and football team from the Alumni Center, there will be plenty vacant office space to convert into smaller weight rooms for the other sports.


I would propose building a glass enclosed skywalk coming from the new Football Operations Center to the IPF like in the example picture here.


So we are building a “sky walk” to keep football players from getting wet before they go play indoor football?

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Hey we wanted our players to have the best facilities, and also the purpose of the indoor facility is to keep them out of rainy and super hot weather conditions.


No, I do not think UH has considered a skywalk but if they are going to build the football operations center at the end zone parking lot area and have the locker room on the second floor, why not have a skywalk going to the ipf? It keeps the athletes out of inclement weather and safe and is a nice recruiting tool. Attracting recruits is one reason these universities add/upgrade their athletic facilities.