Facilities question for those in the know

(Cougarpad) #1

We do have a nice track facility. Does the Lewis track complex have concession and restroom facilities for fans? If they do, then UH should rent out the complex for high school track and football games. It could be some additional revenue for the athletic department. I think there is some shell space behind the bleachers at the complex in the athletic center. if these amenities are not in the complex, then UH should add restrooms and a concession stand back there. They also should find a way to incorporate such amenities for the indoor track. Any additional revenue UH could get from renting facilities is a positive but would need have these amenities for fans.

(Charles) #2

T & F facilities use restrooms inside the Alumni/Athletic Center.


High schools have their own tracks and are not going to rent from UH to host a meet when they can use their own tracks for free. I would say that UH should rent to local youth track clubs but their meets could have up to 1700 athletes plus their parents and sibling. UH does not have enough seating capacity or enough available room around the track to setup athletes’ tents, a lot of tents. And let’s not start talking about the outrageous price UH would charge. If UH was accommodating, youth track clubs would have already been using the track facility.

(norb) #4

Yea, I had a kid that did track, its a huge event that lasts all day long. Although, Rice held one on their track and they seemed to handle it well, had quite a nice view too.

(Cougarpad) #5

If it is an outdoor track event they always can put the team tents inside the athletic alumni center. Also I believe the bleachers at the track complex seat 2000.

(Ben) #6

Ran a track event @ Rice, back in the day . . . . .

(Patrick) #7

UH tends to host 1 or 2 high school meets in conjunction with the college meets that they host per year (both indoor and outdoor).

As far as hosting high school football games at the track facility, that won’t happen. That’s already where the UH soccer team plays and they just had to redo the turf on the field because it was in pretty bad shape. Playing football there would only speed up the wear and tear and replacing it is expensive.

If they would host football games, it would be at TDECU. They do play some playoff games there, but it would be nice to get some early season neutral site games there.