Facts on King

Some of our fan are just melting down and losing touch with reality. Fans now HATE Holgerson because he , in their eyes , ruined King. Here are the facts:

  1. King NEVER played an entire season in the 4 years he was here. He was injured the end of his first season, in a reported weight room accident, and didn’t play in the last game or two. This injury caused him to miss the entire spring. That was the year Allen was the only qb HEALTHY in spring ball as Postma was also injured… This injury also caused him to miss the first two games of his soph season. IF you recall he first played in game three versus Texas Tech. Which corresponded with the beginning of the end for Allen. King finally replaced Postma at South Florida. King started the last 4 games at Qb in his soph season. In his junior season he was injured during the first half of the Tulane game . He missed the last 2 1/2 games that season. And then last year he started the first 4 games of his senior year then quit.
  2. Kings record as our starting QB was 11 - 8. In the AAC not the SEC. What was his BEST win as our starting QB? Well his ONLY top 25 win was against 2018 South Florida Bulls who came to TDECU ranked #21 and 7-0. South Florida lost to UH then lost out to finish 7-6. How did he fair as the starting QB against our AAC west rivals? Well …He NEVER started a game against Memphis. He started twice against Navy and won both. . BTW navy was 7-6 and 3 - 10 those years and unranked That 7-6 year Navy lost 6 of their last 7 to end the regular season. We won 24-14… He started TWICE at tulane and we lost both times. He only started against SMU once and lost.

You guys act like we are losing a great winning QB. You base all of this on stats from his partial season under Briles. Again who did he beat? The best was South Florida who finished the season losing 6 straight.



All of that is true but I would feel more comfortable next season with a veteran qb as opposed to what we have.


I like where you were trying to go on the, ‘it’s not the end of the world’ angle, but you reached miserably on all your points.


53% pass completion in 2019 against mediocre to bad defenses.


That would be an incorrect take.


MINE or 1981’s???

Definitely yours

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Did he lead our scout team offense last year (post-Tulane)?

That’s not what the team needed, especially when Tune was injured, but it was some contribution for his scholarship.

I don’t believe so. King was a stud. Everyone knows it. This is why people are so butt-hurt over it. I don’t remember him ever ‘losing’ any games and the combined record rarely tells the whole story. To take coincidental evidence to suggest he ‘wasn’t all that good’ is ridiculous.

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King was a QB that could run but was not accurate and could not go through more than one progression.
He’s a bad fit for any system that needs more than one decision.
He’s certainly a bad fit for any pro team after college.


Yeah, you’re right. He wasn’t all that good. What was I thinking? Good riddance to him.:no_mouth:

I loved 2018 King, especially his deep ball, and had high hopes for 2019. Not sure if it was the new offense, or an issue from the injury, but I was doing a lot of confused faces those first four games.


Good to see you’ve come around on this. The truth has that effect on most

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Ummm…I wasn’t. It’s just hard to reflect sarcasm sometimes via message-posting.

But like your assessment of King, I guess you’re just not smart enough to figure that out!

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Memes and hearsay don’t override seeing and stats. I use the latter.

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Yeah, and I can see you’re pretty bothered over him leaving, too. Haha!

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King was terrible last year and I believe him about to be getting benched likely weighed in his decision to red shirt. I wish him the best but I really only dislike this announcement because of the bad national PR it gives UH as some kind of junior varsity program to be left and go play with the big boys.

I’m all about Tune and CDH though and look forward to the Coogs having a great 2020 season.


JAson I wasn’t reaching for anything.
I just posted the ACTUAL stats/results. Nothing more.

Again please tell us the BEST win we had under him as our QB. How many starting QB’s at UH have been 0 - 2 in games stared at Tulane?

People on this board, including myself, are clueless in regards to evaluating a QB. Hell just about all of us think Allen was horrible. Now he has started and had success in the NFL. IMHO King brought excitement to the position because of his legs. But the record shows he only won 58% of the games he started at UH, over a three year period.

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He was 1-2 against Tulane. Still terrible but he did win against them in 2018. That’s the game he got hurt and we were blowing them out when he left around halftime.

His best win was his first start against USF on the road. They were 7-0 at the time and finished 10-2. He didn’t rack up a lot of impressive wins but credit where it’s due on that one. That 2017 USF team was good.

He did not start that game. Look it up!