Facts on King

The OP is right about injuries. King got injured. A lot. Regardless of what position he was playing.

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Kings first start was home against ECU.
His first road start he list to Tulane 20-17. He then beat the Navy team that was losing 6 of its last 7 then lost the bowl game v Fresno State. 2-2 in starts to finish 2017

The first play of that game was a 6 yard pass by him to Stevenson.

I see. You’re talking about the USF game. You’re right, Postma played 2 series and was benched. King gets credit for it, IMO. He didn’t start the game so my bad on that. But we lose that game if Postma stays in.

We were shutout the first half losing 7-0. Yes king helped win that game with 2 rushing and 1 passing TD second half. But Postma started and South Florida was not prepared for the running ability King brought after game planning for Postma all week. King started v ECU who was horrible. Then When king started the at Tulane And they prepared for him we scored 17 points and lost.

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I have no ill will towards King. I would not accuse him of lying, because I have no evidence that he did. People are entitled to change their minds. Even if he was planning to leave, it happens. I have told bosses that I was happy before while I was actively looking for a job. There isn’t anything to be gained by showing your cards. It’s part of life.

That being said, there are PLENTY of people on here who were disappointed with his play early this year. Maybe there are some who are suffering from sour grapes, but many of us were very concerned about his play early in the season. After the Prarie View game, I was definitely starting to get concerned. By the end of the Tulane game, I was starting to favor switching him out even before he decided to redshirt. The stats say it all. His completion percentage this season was lower than Tune’s. He had fewer yards per reception. Tune threw more interceptions, but he was also less seasoned and didn’t get 1st string reps before the season started. Never underestimate the value of the reps that a starting QB gets with the 1st team before the season. As for rushing, King had about 6 yards per carry compared to Tune having about 4.

To be fair, the competition King faced was stiffer, but it was obvious against Tulane that King wasn’t getting it done. 16 of 33 passing. Even against Prarie View, King threw 15 of 26 with one TD and one INT. Compare that to 2018 against Texas Southern and King threw 20 for 25 with 3 TDs and 1 INT. For whatever reason, it just wasn’t working out. I would say he wasn’t a good fit for this offense, but the accuracy of his long throws were also considerably worse, his long throws were limited to the sidelines (true for Tune as well…maybe due to Dana’s offense) and almost every single one was overthrown. The spray chart that Monceaux (I think) put together of King’s 4 games was shocking. Not sure if I’m supposed to post a link, but I’m sure you can find it by Google on Monceaux’s blog.

Maybe a lingering injury, maybe a confidence problem, or maybe just not mentally on the same wavelength as the coach. Whatever the case, I wish him the best. No hard feelings. Easy come, easy go.


Can i get Readers Digest version please. Thanks…whew!

We will have a veteran QB in Tune.


Yes. However, I saw the brilliance in Kolb, Keenum, Ward and even King. I have yet to see that in Tune. He looks good but the excitement just isn’t there for me. Like I said, I hope he has an epiphany and proves me wrong.

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Those are indeed factual statements.

But it’s also factual to say that he had accounted for over 50 TDs in 2018 before he got hurt.

And it’s also factual to say that the guy that replaced him in 2019, and who goes into Spring 2020 as the presumptive favorite to start at QB, did NOT appear to be the “answer” at that position, and will leave us no better off, and possibly worse off, with little depth behind that.

That’s the reason this departure (well, that, AND the fact that he had previously said that he was staying) is such a kick in the 'nads.


Last two seasons - when King started and finished the game
Rice 2-11
Navy 3-10
Tulsa 3-9
ECU 3-9
Arizona 5-7
USF 7-6

Texas Tech 5-7
SMU 5-7
Wash State 6-7
Tulane 7-6
Temple 8-5
OU 12-2


Spot on Joe.

I think CDH knew this was coming as he continued to bring on more quarter backs. Still and all I wish King all the best and thanks to him for his service to our great University .
Go Coogs


Exactly what I was saying when I asked what was his best win.

“I don’t believe so. King was a stud. Everyone knows it. This is why people are so butt-hurt over it.”

I have to disagree! He may be a stud for you, but not for most of us!

My concern about King was 25% of his passes hit the receiver in the shoes. Another 25% hit the video board.

But he had no OL…just like Tune.

He was a good runner though.


King Corbin:

Listen, I’m not saying King wasn’t without flaws or made mistakes (all quarterbacks make mistakes, have poor games, what have you)…you’re trying to pin all the losses and the lack of a quality opponent on King and use that as the basis for asserting that he wasn’t a quality QB.

First of all, the coaching and/or the overall team wasn’t all that good in the three years he started anyway, so, the fact that King won only 58% of his starts shouldn’t be a knock on his overall talent. The defense was historically bad during most, if not all, of that time and most of the coaching staff (including at the top) during two of those three years was probably one of the most unpopular regimes in the history of the school. Even worse, it had almost single-handedly sucked any interest out of the program less than just three years following a major bowl victory.

I saw a dynamic playmaker that was amazingly fun to watch and one that at times, can put an entire team on his back and will it to victory. Was the timing, accuracy and touch on his passes off at times? Sure, but that’s why we have coaches. King’s playmaking ability is what set him apart and part of that which you cannot coach; he made things happen, and as a fan, I always thought we were gonna score when we had the ball. That was the faith I had always had in him. Now, he was a little slow to catch on to CDH’s offense (especially in the passing game), but I felt like that would have gotten better as the season went on had he not decided to take the redshirt. I know what I saw the year before and the flashes prior to that. And he was such in absolute sync with Kendall Briles’ system before the injury in 2018, which leads me to believe this might be where he could be headed now (Arkansas).

Now, If you wanna talk about signature moments against quality competition, the 2017 USF team the Coogs beat that year was 7-0 and No. 17 in the country at the time when King had probably his greatest-ever singular moment as a Coog. Who the competition was for the remainder of King’s time as the signal-caller is irrelevant, actually. Football is a team game, and it’s unfair to correlate the final results of the games King played in (or started) to his overall worthiness and capability. And quite frankly, I honestly don’t believe he would even think about wanting to transfer if he didn’t feel there would be many after his services, premier programs included.

Wow, thanks for the breakdown. I truly hadn’t been aware of records of the programs that he played against. Just from this list, no, it doesn’t look impressive.

UH had a lousy schedule. Can’t pin that on a player.