Fan etiquette

Was bored so went over to the tech board to get THEIR take on the game and found a bunch of coog fans trying to puff their chest on their site

Guys, they don’t care about our US ranking or how good our running game is going to be.

You trying to brag on their board isn’t going to make people respect you/the coogs.

I’m all for game talk, if you’d like that please visit reddit/CFB and go to the game thread and have at it , but posting on their board is just starting arguments and making us look like we have issues (which maybe we do but let’s keep that in house :joy:)

Anyway coogs will roll this weekend and all of the hating on their board will be irrelevant because they will still feel we are a g5 worthless program.


Coogs travel well online. I’ve seen this happen for a long time now.

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Ditto.Come on Y’all. Golden Rule


Very Wise words


It’s just too hard for some. Show a video of Memphis running the UH flag across their field in support of the UH during the hurricane and it turns into a thread of 10 reasons I hate Memphis.



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They won’t play us anymore after the 45 - 7 beat down in Lubbock…We may need security when game is over…

Unfortunately, we are just one National Championship away from becoming UT arrogant fans.

Naw…not even close…

lol, when we start wrecking conferences with the UHN?


That takes generations to get to that point…The Farmers have taken TUs mantle as the most arrogant…they LOVE it when you tell them NO ONE does less with more

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We get 30k attendance, point and laugh at Rice attendance. We win 2 conference titles in 20 years, call Rice’s championship an anomaly. We beat Rice 5 of the last 7 games, pregame we complain about being only a 26 point favorite and how it is disrespectful to us. We take 70 years to build a football stadium and mock the stadium Rice plays in.

Yeah, I’m sure our fan base would handle a national championship with the utmost degree of respectfulness to others with no championships.


geologist norb?

Do you know the History of what Rice has done to us??! It’s not one-sided, you know?!!!
BTW, “we” don’t include “I”. I have never mocked Rice Stadium. It was considered a relic when I was growing up and I attended an elementary school for one year in the West University Area when my Mom moved us to the Medical Center from third ward to be closer to her job MD Andersen Hospital in the 1980s.

I didn’t accuse you of anything. I know some of the history and some of the accusations. I also believe ones that know our history with Rice, also know our own history and struggles and are less likely to be the ones acting arrogant towards Rice. Hating Rice and believing we are in any position to mock others are two different animals to me.

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