Fanatics: Free Expedited Shipping on UH Gear

If you spend over 29 dollars you will get your order by Friday. Shipping is free.

Good time to get some Coog gear for the season. :slight_smile:

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Timely topic…I ordered 3 items online from UH Online (Fanatics). 2 properly delivered, 1 MIA.
Tracked it, delivered out here to my P.O. in Nevada, sent back for some mysterious reason.

Does anyone have a phone number for Fanatics?

This is tomorrow’s project.
PS: I got a super cool Cutter & Buck Navy UH Jacket…really really nice!

Thanks Guys !!!

Or you could support a local company and order from Academy that has free shipping on orders of $25 or more and free shipping returns or in-store returns on apparel.


That’s what I did. Academy’s selection of UH gear seems better this year than in the past.


Also Academy isn’t a local company. Its worldwide.

Academy’s Headquarters are here in Houston.

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Academy is based in Katy.

Side note, I just started buying Athletic apparel for Stage, parent of Palais Royal among others. For 2019 we will have a killer Coogs assortment.


I find Academy’s selection lacking for a big boned brotha such as myself. So I go with Fanatics.

The Store at I-10 a d 99 in Katy had as of last Friday up to XXXL in Cutter and Buck, Columbia, Champion, and other brands.

If you want to know how academy feels about us… Their corporate office each floor has themes for the conference room names. 1st is MLB team names, 2nd NBA, 3rd NFL and fourth NCAAF.

Fun note, no houson team got the biggest room on any of the floors, I do not recall which was the biggest/best on for MLB, but cowboys got it for NFL, and Aggies for NCAA, and I think it was Mavs for NBA.

On the NCAA themed floor, there is a longhorns room, an Owls room, Gators, Razorbacks, just to name a few, but most importantly, is that there is no Cougars/Coogs room.

Academy had a big push on men’s polos and t-shirts at the time we last changed logos. Unfortunately a year later, instead of new styles, there were clearance racks full of the previous year stuff. There were definitely some 4XL on that rack. The polo merchandise has definitely been dropped back to 00s choice levels.

Not asking anyone to buy something they don’t really like from Academy just because they are home town to be clear. Just saying, maybe check it out first?

Definitely liking this new Nike jersey. A bit pricey, so going to see if I can check out the quality in person first.

The number on the back seems awkwardly high. Same as the last jersey I bought. I feel like it’s an attempt to not leave room to add a player’s name to the jersey.

Here’s a snippet from the Academy website on their history. Started in San Antonio in 1938, moved to Austin in '56 and Houston in '78. So, corporately, it looks like their still in love with Whorns, Aggies (probably lots of them work for the corp), and Cowboys.

Company History Timeline
1938 - Academy Sports + Outdoors traces its roots to 1938 when founder Max Gochman opened the Academy Tire Shop in San Antonio, Texas.
1939 - Academy Tire Shop begins selling military surplus.
1945 - Max changes store name to “Academy Super Surplus”.
1956 - Max moves his business to Austin, Texas and expands to four stores.
1973 - Max’s son Arthur Gochman purchases Southern Surplus Sales in Houston and changes its name to “Academy Corp.” Arthur opens six Academy Super Surplus stores in Houston.
1978 - Arthur stops practicing law, devotes his time to Academy, and moves the corporate office to Houston.

I know the history, worked for them for a while… Which is how I know their conference room names. The building I am talking about is “Building 2” was built in ~2015. Academy had been in Houston plently long by that point to name a room after UH. Again, there is an Owls room.

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