Since we have brought up obesity so much here, i was wondering if anyone here has tired fasting. People claim it not only helps weight but is a cure all for you bodies health system.

Unless you can keep it up over the long run I don’t think it’s worth it because more often than not, the weight will come back on once you start eating at normal intervals again. I’ve seen it with all my friends that do Atkins, keto, intermittent fasting, etc etc etc. The weight comes back on because it’s hard to stay on these programs.

If the goal is long-term improvements in health for either an individual or a society, then long-term lifestyle changes need to be made. Less drastic diet and exercise changes that are maintained over the long haul are the way to do it.


You mean I need to give up the box of donuts :doughnut: .

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There is a very simple way to lose weight and get healthy. Eat natural foods and exercise. Not over eating is important too which can be a negative to intermittent fasting because people will eat larger meals when they eat. Skipping a big breakfast is probably the best advice for somebody, just eat some fruit/yogurt/toast. The American breakfast is a huge problem for obesity.


What about this concept that because the body isn’t digesting it frees it up to work on disease? Sounds bunk but i hear it a lot

No, eat breakfast, skip dinner. The closer you eat to bedtime the worse it is for you.


It supposedly is good for your gut. I am not a faster, but they say one day a month is really good for you.

I fast between 9pm and 7am!

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I slow all the time.

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I haven’t looked into it that much but not sure if I would buy that. I see that claim with those 24 or 48 hour cleanses. Might be helpful for a little, but if you don’t have a good diet the rest of the time its a waste. Intermittent fasting can help burn fat if done right.

Give up carbs and sugar.

Well fasting would not include carbs or sugar. But seriously how does one just give up carbs and sugar?

You can’t because at the end of the day some vegetables are carbs and everything gets converted into sugar for energy.

Fasting is okay once in a while. Not as a lifestyle I don’t think.

I think he means bad carbs like pasta cake cookies…Beans are carbs but they’re healthy

There is nothing wrong with a donut or two donuts or three donuts :doughnut::doughnut::doughnut:

Now, 4 you got a problem.


Probably more about processed foods.


Yup. Meant bad/ redefined / processed cards and sugary Snacks and drinks like sodas. When I got into my early 30s I gained 25 lbs throughout a 8 month span. Did Atkins diet for 3 months straight and lost it all.

Started IF with a bit of light exercise.
Lost 27 lbs. and stayed consistent. I fast during the week since it’s so much easier. Going for 20 more.

I found its true what they say about focus and clarity as your fasts get longer.

So far so good. Try it. Gets much easier the more you do it.

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It works. I stopped eating Breakfast and have lost 25 pounds and it has stayed off. You eat one less meal, period. I also exercise Monday-Friday, doing 20 minutes of aerobic. I have always said, I can eat a huge breakfast at 8:00 am and am hungry at 10:00 am, or miss breakfast, sip a large coffee, then water and I am hungry at 10:00. Howver, the longer you do it, you find yourself eating less (stomach shrinks) and sometimes I actually go past lunch and remind myself to eat! I eat dinner around 6:00 pm, then nothing after, until noon the next day.

I have a friend who says the same. Claims that after the third day you feel a new energy and clarity.

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