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I have a couple of "favorite games. One was the UCLA game. I remember their kicker having his jaw broken during the game, hence he could not kick a winning field goal to win the game. Another favorite was the “2 day” game. Started late and ended early the next morning. Another fond memory was a game with sips. We played golf in Austin while the game was going on. The golf course wondered thru a housing development and there was lots of construction going on. Many of the laborers had radios playing the game. UH won the game that day. The next day, we were back out on another golf course and on the first tee, we were waiting to tee off and a guy wearing a shirt with longhorns on the collar was waiting with us. I had no UH gear on that day. I asked him if he had gone to the game and he said “Yes, but I wish I had played golf.” I told him “We played golf, but wish we had gone to the game”. I don’t think he was a happy camper. Just three that come to mind. Others were, one at eATMe when we won the game just at the end of the game on a long TD play. Nebraska, if I remember, 4th and game . . . . . fond memories . . . . .

That Aggie game that started at midnight was one for the ages.

Here’s how the aggies remember it.

This is good as well

Definitely the '79 aTm game and same season Cotton Bowl win over Nebraska were among the tops. So were the '78 33-0 win over aTm and the '79 win at #4 Arkansas. But it was the '76 win over #9 aTm and 30-0 stomping of #20 UT at their house, followed by a 27-19 win at #5 TT that really got us on our roll to 3 out of 4 SWC championships in our first 4 years in the conference. It was my first year as a Coog – what a way to break in!

The 1980 UH ATM game was my daughter’s very first football game. She was 2 1/2 weeks old. She started screaming when the aggies played the war hymn. A few years latter during the run n shoot era we had another game that went for maybe 5 hours and wan’t over until 12:30 or 1:00 am so I believe that UH is the only school in NCAA history to play 2 games that took 2 days to play.

That 2-day aggie game was surreal, with the kickoff at 11:33pm. Got there early enough to watch crews move one of the field boxes into football configuration. After the game we were stuck in the traffic jam on S. Main at 3:00am.

My other favorite games I attended:

The 30-0 upset at Texas in our inaugural SWC season, ending UT’s 42 home-game winning streak. Special thrill was going on the field at the end of halftime to form a UH spirit line and throwing cotton balls at the Coogs as they ran past.
The 1/01/1977 Cotton Bowl as we defeated #4 Maryland and finished #4 in the AP poll.
Beating Oklahoma in 2016 and the electrifying kick-6 return by Brandon Wilson.
The 12/31/2015 Peach Bowl defeat of Florida St.
Beating Texas Tech at the Rob in 2009, with Case Keenum driving the Coogs 95 yards in 16 plays for the win with 49 seconds left.

I say that ‘76- 79’ – 4 year run might have been the best era of Cougar football. Just reading here and remembering some of the big games played during that time makes you realize how good they were during that stretch. Nebraska win, I would put in top 5 wins in UHFootball history. The Soup Bowl-- I mean Cotton Bowl against ND should be on list but dang you Joe Montana :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That was against TCU when Jim Wacker was their coach.


No, not Joe Montana; damn the cowardly ref who refused to call that last TD pass incomplete!

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