Fear and Loathing on Cullen Boulevard

Truthfully, I think Herman is potentially a fantastic coach, but I’d be more comfortable believing that after watching him coach successfully at UH for five seasons or more. I believe the reason the Coogs have lost their swagger on the field the past few weeks is due to injuries and losing several key playmakers in the offseason. Herman simply hasn’t had time to recruit enough depth at key positions. The SMU game showed that Houston has depth issues at multiple positions and will need another recruiting cycle or two to get back to championship level football. I can’t wait to see what the Coogs will look like after Herman has three or four full recruiting cycles under his belt and hopefully Herman stays long enough for us to do so.


If depth is an issue, IMHO it is, then not having a bye week in what? 9 weeks?, plus training camp, and with injuries, IMHO, presents a problem also.

Herman still has some things to learn.

My son and I reflected on the 2015 season over the Summer. We talked about all of the things that went right for UH. How the schedule sequence set up almost perfectly to allow the team to come together and develop an identity as the season progressed. Think about a 20 point fourth quarter comeback with your back-up QB against a Top 20 opponent with a three time all conference kicker missing the winning FG for the other team. Think about losing 3 OL starters during one game and the good fortune that it was SMU with a long week followed by Tulane to allow the newbies time to jell. I could go on.

I am not saying it was just blind luck. Being aggressive and executing well creates breaks, but **** of those things were random things that UH had nothing to do with.


Agreed; this season has been the exact opposite with a high profile game to start the season against an opponent with bigger and stronger players, followed by a game that was delayed during it for three hours allowing for less recoop time, followed by a game 5 days later against a former P6 team in a hostile environment. We then got 10 days off for an easy opponent (Texas State), only to turn around and play another bruising defense/ground pound team on 5 days rest again, prior to which 2 of our top 3 LBs got in a fight, and then our other LB was suspended against the triple option attack of Navy while we played in a hurricane (outer bands, I know, still affected us). We then come home to play the almost mirror opposite of Navy while barely hanging on in an emotional win and then play our “rival” who has a 15 days off to prepare for us while we continue to play on without time off.

Not trying to make excuses; schedule just hasn’t been favorable to us this year. Happens and you just have to overcome it.

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Nice juxtaposition of the two.

We have 20 offensive linemen on the roster, Here is the breakdown by class:
True frosh= 8
RS Frosh = 4
Sophs= 3
Juniors= 4
Senior= 1

Looking at the 2015 & 2016 media guides there were 2 and 3 freshmen signed respectively, so since one of them is now a soph (Noble), of the 8 frosh 4 RS frosh, only 4 would be scholarship players. NaTy is a juco transfer.

We had 8 players on the 2 deep for 10 positions, with Noble out for the UCF game, that leaves 7 players for the 10 2 deep spots or just 2 backups still available. Of our 7 players available, 1 senior, 2 juniors, 2 soph, 1 RS-Fr, and 1 true freshmen.

One would have to assume, the remaining 2 juniors and 1 soph either aren’t as good as the freshmen or are injured. Regardless, it gives a better picture of the true problem with our offense. We just lack depth and experience in positions where experience is extremely important and depth is also. OL probably requires the most skill of any position on that side of the line. A QB, RB, and WR can get by on talent; speed and agility are talents, not skills. The OL need to master the blocking techniques, especially the coordinated skills of pulling and double teaming. And that takes time and repetition. This is where our team is lacking. They need time and repetition and there is no shortcut.

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One of the remaining OL is Mason Denley who started 6-7 games last year but hasn’t played a meaningful snap since the OU game. As inconsistent as the inside running game has been, I’ve been really surprised he hasn’t gotten back on the field.

:thinking: well that bodes well for next year. This year has shown how young our line is.

Funny you mentioned Denley as he finally was forced into duty. Other than a hold which wiped out a 1st down, he looked pretty good out there and the backs seemed to have success running towards his side.

I thought the same thing.

I said the same thing at the tailgate Saturday. Alot had to go right to make last year a legendary season. No knock on anyone this season, it just didn’t happen. I also wonder if this team’s (including coaches) handling of success was a factor. They can still finish strong and have a better season next year.

One of our engineers is a UW grad and she always wears her Washington gear on Fridays even when they were losing. I told her this morning that when you win a game on the road vs a ranked opponent on a 4th quarter punt return, you know it’s your year.

And…three separate “missed” block in the back calls on that punt return…it’s definitely your year…or the fix is in. Just sayin’.

Good point Patrick. And in this day of 3 and done, few coaches have the chance they need to build their team. Coach Strong didn’t suddenly forget how to coach. I’m no big Texas fan but those folks want success yesterday. If he survives 2 more years I think he will succeed. UT’s lack of success just points to the fact that Mack hung around too long. Strong didn’t inherit a strong class and he’s paying for it. So, yes, given 2 more years I think Herman will have UH up there as a perennial Top 25 and occasional Top 10 team. Maybe more. UH has a unique advantage in the football world in that we probably have a better shot at the NY6 than 90% of the teams in the P5 conferences. Then again, they get $30 million a year we will never see unless Aresco pulls a rabbit out of the hat.

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