FedEx's Graf on the U of M, Big 12 expansion, and why 2020 'could be interesting'

FedEx’s Graf on the U of M, Big 12 expansion, and why 2020 'could be interesting’

Graf hinted about a forthcoming opportunity tied to the expiration of the American Athletic Conference’s six-year, $126 million TV contract with ESPN, scheduled to terminate in 2020.

“That could be interesting for us,” Graf said. “If we stay the course, continue to improve and continue to solidify our finances, we’ll see where the chips fall.”

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I find it interesting he makes almost no comments about academia in which I think is memphis achelis heal.

What is achelis?


A Greek warrior from the Trojan War.

*More like who is he.


Good luck tigers … other than Fuentes Memphis has had a slew of poor to mediocre HCs.

Tulsa will probably lose Montgomery after this year … Fritzy at Tulane is still a ?? as is the SMU HC.

I believe only Navy’s HC has had the longest tenure … the rest either are retired or move on.

The curse of being a G5 … nothing interesting about that this year or 2020.

I suppose you know he meant Achilles; but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to zap someone. :unamused:

Achilles is not hard to spell.

Hey I’m an IT guy and my spellings defiantly reflect that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More empty promises form FedEx I assume. Shell out or shut up already.

Hey, we’ve got Tillman, who puts his money where his mouth is. Memphis has this guy who blows billows of smoke. I’ll take Tillman any day.

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