Fertitta aquires Rockets

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Let’s hope that he can also get Houston a National Hockey League franchise.

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He might be able to help, but I doubt he’ll be able to be a primary owner. He’ll be in heavy debt after purchasing the Rockets.


He spend 70% of his fortune on the Houston Rockets. So far, he’s been announce as the lone buyer. Crazy lol

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That’s a lot of money for a professional sports franchise. I think he payed around 25% more than its estimated value (by Forbes Magazine).

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“I could not be happier. To own the Rockets in my hometown of Houston is a dream come true. I promise to continue to make this city proud of the Rockets and to do what we can to bring home a championship,” Fertitta said.

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Jacket’s a good sign

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After the press conference is long over, Tilman Fertitta is still up there on that stage, taking pictures, telling stories and cracking jokes. He notes how lucky he is that both the Rockets and his beloved University of Houston share the color red. He makes a crack about wishing he could buy UH too (he’s kidding.) He poses with his sons — Michael, Patrick and Blake — and tells everyone to blame them for any bad Rockets decisions with a wink.

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Tilman Fertitta, the Two-Billion-Dollar Buyer
It was $2.2 billion, actually. That’s how much billionaire restaurateur Tilman Fertitta offered to buy his beloved Houston Rockets. This is the inside story of how he pulled off the most expensive deal in American sports history.