Fertitta Center Question

Does anyone know if there is an elevator (for fans) that goes between the ground (club entrance) and the main level of the Fertitta Center for people that cannot manage the steps or the ramps ?

I don’t think so, but am not certain.

This link mentions that there is an elevator between sections 103 and 104. Not sure if that can be accessed by people who dont have the club seats.

Yes, there’s an elevator. It’s right next to the stairwell.

Thanks for the info.

And - yet again - the university fails to change public notices - like this, copied directly from their own publication:

Handicap Parking - Stadium Garage (Faculty/Staff Entrance): Handicap parking for men’s basketball games is available on the second level (faculty/staff entrance) of the Stadium parking garage. Elevators and an access ramp are located on the south side of the garage.

I fought with them for over half the season last year, trying to get them to let handicapped people enter the garage at the entrance closest to Scott Street, which allowed handicapped people to park on the ground floor, which was virtually empty at every game, instead of having to walk all the way across the garage from the elevators or climb the stairs on the side of the garage closest to the basketball arena.

They finally made the change late in the season, and I presume that will still be in place this year. At least, I hope so; but don’t count on it! Maybe they just failed to change the written Access Availability Guide.

Typical; the left hand of the University of Houston never seems to know what the right hand is doing!