Fertitta Center Season Ticket Selections

Athletic department sent out emails for people who placed their deposits for season tickets. My date to choose my seats is August 7th and 9:36 am.

Mine’s at 8:00 a.m. These people are animals–I am not an early riser.

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I’m at 2pm, but I’m just doing general admission. I’m certain most of the people picking seats are doing so in premium sections, and that I will still be able get seats with a nice location in general admission. There only a little over 3000 people selecting seats in the 7000 seat arena.

8/2 at 9:40.

Of course, those 3000 may be buying 2 or 3 seats each.

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there arent any GA seats. every ticket has a section, row and number.

I meant the tier 3, which I had equated to general admission. I’m just looking for two seats on the end of an aisle on the baseline next to the Coogs bench. I’m going to speculate many of the fans who made the deposits are wanting tier 2 seats and up.

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I’ll bet most do. I’m getting two but haven’t decided where yet.

Factor in students, visitors, coaches’ families, etc, and there’s only about 6,000 seats we can sell.

But 3300 isn’t the number of people who are interested in basketball. It includes all the football season ticket holders who donate to CP but don’t buy basketball season tickets.

Once you get past #500 in line, more people in the queue won’t be participating than will.

Hope you had a better experience with it than me. I couldn’t print out the donation form and didn’t see how to do it online so I went to ticket office last week of June. Told them I wanted to make $500 donation for Fertitfa Center. After about a 5 minute wait, they came back with the form. I filled it out and they asked me where I wanted to sit. Price was way more than on form so just told them to make it a $500 unrestricted gift. Really strange experience. My time is Aug 6th.

Online Seat Selection tool is pretty cool.

6 minute “How-To” video is helpful.


I watched the video and it’s good

My date us at the end of August, save some seats for a brotha

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you should be good.

You must have made a Fertitta Contribution while Gerald did not. I squeezed into very late July – probably because I decided to go ahead with the commitment.

question: lets say you made a 30 dollar deposit and you want seats that are 300 dollars+ a 75 donation making the total $375. will 30 dollars be subtracted when you make your purchase?

Yes. That’s what I was told.

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Leave me a few, I’ll be right behind you apparently. :sunglasses:

I’d have been ahead of you but the slackers in my ‘group’ are dragging me down! :pensive::wink:

My time is 6:50 on Friday, July 27th. The notice encourages people to reserve their seats online - or they can choose to do it in person, which I plan to do. I wonder if people with later dates might get ahead of me by selecting seats online! Does anyone know if that is possible?

I sure hope so because I am very close to your slot on Friday! Maybe they are willing to accommodate you and have someone at FC to meet you at 6:50pm?

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