Fertitta Center Webcam

Any plans for a cam inside HOF as it is transformed? Those of us Coogs far far away would sure appreciate it. Alternately, someone from the AD office could post pics every month/so often, of the progress.

Can only add to the anticipation/excitement, and seat pledges!! Thanks from DC…Go COOGS


Anyone with any knowledge or AD plans for construction cam ( interior or exterior ). As much as I enjoy the IPF, it is a pre fab warehouse in a parking lot. Not much to see. Fertitta Center should be an interesting dismantle/ re-purpose of an iconic arena and fun to watch. Thoughts??

Hadnt heard anything. Guessing that there won’t be a camera during the dismantle as they are gutting the entire thing. Maybe once there’s some progress to be seen from the exterior, they’ll throw one up there.

Good question to ask for the next online town hall session. If I can be on there, I’ll ask.

thanks Pray. I grew up in that building with my dad, watching Otis Birdsong, Mike Young, Dream, etc. and am very invested in it. If you think of it, ask Hunter if they ever made any progress on lighting up the very white, empty roof of Hofheinz ( a la Toyota Center ) with a neon interlocking UH or the new Cougar head. I suggested that for years, as it is directly in the landing path of literally hundreds of flights (1000s of viewers) at Hobby daily.

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I had my moments there as well, although most of them were during the Foster and Brooks years. Loved going even when the teams were struggling; just something about it.

Hope the new place is done well and I hope its affordable. It would be nice to see it full regularly.

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