Fertitta still upset with Big 12

(Patrick) #1


He is 100% right to be upset about it. It was a very disrespectful move by Big 12.

(Cary) #3

My guess is our admin has completely moved on from the BigXII. That conference is dead at this point. My other guess is our eyes have moved West.

(JohnnyCougar) #4

The only reason they did that was to pivot the conversation away from their Baylor problem. It worked.


I love the DON!!!


Kick the murders and rapists out and take us and BYU in. Problem solved.


Texas and OU don’t care that Baylor is raping. They care that Baylor is raping and beating Texas snd OU.

Now that Baylor is back to tarpsville tge personal issues are just fine to Texas and OU.

(A.R. ) #8

I was initially concerned that Fertitta would become less involved with UH athletics after purchasing the Rockets and gaining control of Toyota Center. But now I’m hopeful he may use it as leverage to further dwindle the BIG 12’s visibility in Houston and attract other conferences to UH.

Guys like Tillman don’t lose often, and when they do…they come back with a vengeance!! We are very fortunate to have him on our team!!

(br5exg) #9

Hell hath no fury like a Billionaire scorned


Good stuff. I bet his close friends can just set him off at will when they bring up the tex10.

(itcoog) #11

I think we need to let it go and focus on being the best G5 program on a consistent basis. As a business owner i have had the door slammed in my face many times. Sometimes its best to know when to cut bait. I think that is the situation with the Big12. I have leared in business its best to focus on yourself and be the best you can be. Good things will come your way if you do that.


I think you’ve been pretty consistent with this take, from what I remember. For the most part, I agree, but I think that Tillman is right to keep calling out the B12…that wasn’t just a door closing, that was fraud.

But yes, being the best G5 program, building the UH brand nationally, being one of the bigger names in the AAC are all important. We’ll see what the next round of media rights negotiations brings to the AAC.

(JohnnyCougar) #13

I don’t think being the best we can be and pointing out BS has to be one of those either or kind of deals. Why can’t we do both?


Boom! JohnnyCougar for the win!


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Here’s the actual full podcast:

(jb) #17

Man… I thought Tilman loved the cameras and the sound of his own voice as Chairman of the Board and a top UH athletics booster. Especially during the most recent coaching search – I was honestly getting a little tired of hearing him flap his yap. But he’ll be in the spotlight even more with the Rockets ownership.

He is a crass, shrewd loudmouth billionaire, but dang it, he’s our crass, shrewd loudmouth billionaire. He’s made it this far for a reason. #GoCoogs

(Timothy ) #18

Amen. I had the same thought. People like Tillman don’t like to lose. Especially if they are being lied to and screwed over. Grant of rights will kill Big 12 and by at least 2024 we will get a favorable conference and network deal. UT should be independent. They don’t play well with others.