Finally Happened: My son is a Coog

Congrats to your family! I would recommend ChemE for the multitude of reasons stated previously.

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Just another thought. My comment above was to evaluate the opportunities between ChemE and PetE. However, another thing to think about is that those two degrees generally focus on the oil and process industries.

Electrical Engineering with a specialty in power distribution and control has a broad range. Regardless of what industry one is in, there is always a need for power distribution and control. Pretty much the same in mechanical engineering. Those two degrees probably have the broadest opportunities.

One thing I had noticed over the years is I’ve known many mechanical, civil, and chemical engineers that started out in electrical and changed to other fields, but I’ve never known any EE’s that started in other fields. My wife says all electrical types are a bit wierd.


Thank you Red. We’ll be discussing it tonight. I’ll pass on the info.

Really appreciate you taking the time.

I always have time to help inform young Coogs. They are embarking on a very important time in their lives and need all the information they can get.

I wish him all the best, whichever road he travels.

I have a couple of engineer grads and they have friends who focused on ChemE and those kids had several prospects that covered a range of industries - food, ag, chemical and energy companies.

I think ChemE seems have a broader field of options than Petroleum Engineers … in general. However, Petroleum Engineering degrees aren’t really offered where we live so I don’t have a good sample size.

Best of luck!

We do offer a degree in Petroleum Engineering.

Chemical, if he wants a long-lasting career in a field that would always be in demand!

Okay…time for my favorite Engineer joke…

A wine glass is filled to the halfway mark. Is it half empty or half full ???

Engineer: “They built the glass too small…”


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You mean they built the glass too big.

Although a hydrologist would look at all the freeboard and breathe a sigh of relief…:grin:

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It’s because electricity is magic. You can only see it when something is going wrong. Signed proud UH BSEE who hires UH EE’s as often as possible. Need more with a passion for Power. Go Coogs!

PS. Your wife is spot on so very often :joy::joy::joy:

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Uh…fumbled the punchline !!!

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Control systems engineer: “Good thing I put half my water in a redundent glass.”

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I sure thought symetrical components was magic – transmission and distribution whipped my butt. I was never so proud of a C in my life.


LOL. I hear ya Red. EM was my own personal nightmare.

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My entering law school class (84) had like a third engineers…and y’all are ALL smart !!!

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