Fine dining or fast food? Eating's better in Power Five

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Houston, of the American Athletic Conference, is spending just over $1 million, which ranks at the top of the Group of Five schools that responded to the AP survey. On the other hand, East Carolina, which plays in the same conference as Houston, spent $118,000 to provide four extra meals a week to athletes but had no training table, no fueling stations and no nutrition staff.

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Nebraska 3m and we were the top of the AAC. Frost is going to eat!

What else is on the to do list.
Facilities :white_check_mark:
Nutrition :white_check_mark:
Area :white_check_mark:
im drawing a blank…


Crazy thought, but shouldn’t all students be eating healthy?


Of course, but athletes have special requirements to maintain peak performance. Gone are the days when top athletes can do a couple sets in the weight room and then leave, go smoke a cigarette or whatever.

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As Alabama points out, non-athletes are welcome to dine at the training table as well, you just have to pay. In the case of Bryant Sports Grill, it is an additional $9.75 atop your normal meal plan dinner rate. So, while it is not an extra benefit because everyone has access, it is a reminder that the quality costs.

If its still true. Old Article 2013

and another oldish article 2016
Since 2008, players have been retiring earlier than in previous years. The quarterback position has seen the most change from about six years to 3 years and one month. The average career across all positions fell from 4.99 years to 2.66, according the Pro-Football-Reference data observed by the WSJ.

which is weird considering the amount of detail on nutrition. But, i understand it could be other factors.