Five burning questions, players to watch for the AAC in 2018-19

People must love themselves some Tacko Fall :joy::joy::joy:

Well, you can’t teach TALL, then again, you can’t teach SLOW either :sunglasses:.


Memphis fans are melting down at this if I had to guess.

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Memphis fans, Cincinatti fans, UConn fans, Wichita St. fans… Eat 'Em Up!!!

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The writer thinks our league might only get one bid to the tournament. I think that’s nuts.


"A top-100 recruit coming out of high school, Jarreau showed flashes of his playmaking ability during his one season at UMass. After sitting out due to transfer rules, Jarreau will get first crack at attempting to replace Rob Gray."

Do ESPN writers research anything or do they just make it up as they go along? Maybe he’s never heard of Armoni Brooks, or Carey Davis, or Nate Hinton (ESPN 4 STAR recruit also top 100).

Using ESPN and Research is the same sentence is blasphemy !!

They only knew about Jarreau because he was at UMass for a year !!

They can only go as far as their bikes will take them !

Yep…this isn’t a one bid league.

This conference should regularly get 4-5 teams in but we’ll see how this year plays out with NET instead of RPI.

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