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As much as I hate to say it, it seems that Flugaur was on targetin regards to Big 12 expansion. Anyway, he tweeted out more info yesterday:

Texas to the B1G would be awesome for us. It means that if the Pac or ACC wants into Texas, they probably have to pick us up.

Can’t imagine Nebraska is happy with the idea of Texas to B1G

tweets merely verify what everyone knows…Big 12 is doomed.Are Texas and OU going to Big 10 together? Possibly, yes, along with at least 1 other Big 12 school, and probably 2…could we get in on this deal? I have NO IDEA…but i think if we dont, we will be in on some PAC 12 deal done at same time…

Uhhh … NOPE!!! …

B1G traditionally has been looking at TV markets and recruiting hotspots for expansion candidates.

Nebraska was an anomaly since it is currently having a difficult time recruiting top rated players … Rutgers and Maryland maybe duds but they are in the promise land TV market-wise and recruiting-wise.

OU has NONE of the two … nor has Kansas or ISU even though both have AAU qualifications … they have plenty of prairies and farms something the B1G already has in abundance.

We should have a medical school soon plus plenty of research programs and moving towards AAU after that.

Texas is Texas … everyone wants them … plus central Texas is a decent recruitment area.

I suspect the B1G has its eye on SE Texas where the SEC has infiltrated and imbedded itself … THAT is the B1G’s prime target plus confronting the SEC head-on.

UH has a tradition of pulling in prime HC candidates in a recruiting mecca area … we may or may not have CTH soon … only time will tell but getting a high octane HC to replace him I seriously doubt will be any problem.

This is only a guess but we would be the prime choice to accompany the horns north … or west.

Neat but I doubt it. Texas’s end game is to be free of all the teet suckers like S&M in the SEC. We should strive for something similar. The three mega state schools in three different “power” conferences. Texas in the Big 10, Texas S&M in the SEC, and the Coogs in the ACC or PAC 10. Something. Not unlike what it was in the 80s for Florida, Florida St, and Miami.

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Paw, there is something to what you say, because Texas unlikely to go without some other school in state as a travel partner/rival. I believe an Austin American Statesman college writer mentioned the same thing in a story on Tuesday.

I’m not saying we do, but does OU have the academics for B1G?

This looks as if this is the first step toward four power conferences. Your guess is as good as mine but today I am even less optimistic.
uta going toward the BIG10 will only happen if uta imposes a veto for us to join the BIG10. Remember folks this has always been about recruiting. I am convinced that uta and ou are working together to get out of the small12. This uta charade into supporting us made no sense from the beginning.
I have never trusted them. Call me paranoid if you would like but these last few months tell me all I need to know.

in short, no. We made VHRU 2 years befor they did.

Chris, do you REALLY think PAC 12 is going to stand there with their thumb stuck somewhere after Texas and OU fracture Big 12 by jumping to BIG??? PAC will carve out their share of new territory, with Houston and whoever else they choose to invite from Big 12…Most people, including national college writer Collins and our own Duarte, think Big 12 dies. That likely means BIG takes 2 for sure, and maybe 4, and PAC takes 4, which will include us.
BIG takes Texas, OU, Kansas and UCONN.
PAC takes Houston, Tech, K State and either Iowa State or Okie state…

That is one scenario…possible we gain entry to BIG with Texas and sub us for OU.
I have every confidence Tilman will get us in BIG or PAC when they come a roving in 2020-2021…

There many scenarios that can come into play. I 100% agree with you but what makes sense to us seems to be illogical or not workable to others.
We have to ask ourselves these questions RIGHT NOW.
Why isn’t the PAC12 expand now? It makes perfect sense to us. Today they are at a major disadvantage and need to expand. So why aren’t they inviting us now and why should they do it in a few years? The same can be said for the BIG10, SEC and ACC?
Without a doubt we can become another Alabama. It looks as if all of these conferences are afraid of us, afraid of what we will become if given the chance.
I hope to be 100% wrong Monte. I would love it if I could see our School play against the likes of USC, UCLA, ASU, Washington and Oregon.
At this point I will take the ACC with all kind of conditions.

Big 10 may take UT but doubt anyone else in Texas. Maybe OU if they can shake OSU. Our 190 academic ranking doesn’t help. OU is around 110 and UT is 57 this year.

Is the Pac focused on expanding into the Central time Zone without UT?

Chris, i think PAC is waiting for the expiration of their own TV deal, which is 2022, and probable big implosion after Texas and OU bail, which they will. I sense Horn and boomer will try to get in BIG, who’s tv expires year before PACs, in 2021. WHO will they bring with them? I do not know. maybe no one…I sense PAC makes a raid and takes 4 schools, and will certainly include us because we are in a huge market in a huge TV state…If they for some reason dont, then Big 12 retrenches, and brings us in along with others, now that poisonous influences are gone…
UT is going to go where the money is, and BIG has way more than PAC…WE bring real viewership in state to PAC and real help for their fledgling network. Think PAC can afford to sit and do nothing and fall FARTHER behind BIG and SEC? I dont.
We have negotiated with them in good faith for a long time…I think they come to us when time is ripe…Larry Scott still remembers how Texas humiliated him by not signing the contract when Larry showed up with it thinking Texas and aggie were coming in 2010. Happy to bring us into fold…

Monte, I will sign in a heartbeat for the PAC. You know that. That is my preferred choice and always has been. Just like everybody else these last four weeks seem like a nightmare.
In an ideal World we would have:
CTH come out with a press conference
Sign a new deal with us
Pledging that he is in for the long term
Send a message to USC or uta that he is not coming
This is not an ideal world and unfortunately we do not have our future in our own hands. This has been going on since 1996. Anyone watching a small12 game should think what it means to us. Every U of H viewer sets us back. My hope is that Fox will not agree to this upcoming small12 tv deal. They are being forced into it by uta and ou. This was the small12 strategy from the beginning. Remember that Dan Patrick asked for both SMU and U of H into the small12. Dan knew what was coming. This always has been about protecting the Dallas and Houston area recruiting markets.
Will the PAC step up now? I contacted a local reporter that is in the know. He has no indications that this is coming. I surely will keep everybody posted if I hear anything.
No matter how hard this nightmare has been on us we need to keep supporting our School. I will add that I have not been impressed by HY so far. He should have kept his mouth shut with the media and declare a GENERAL no comment. That would have kept the press guessing. It seems like we keep showing our cards. That is never the way to go.

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Nothing is going to happen now, Chris…Big 12 is doomed…OU has supposedly contacted Texas in order to make sure there is no miscommunication, to tell them they will NOT renew GOR for Big 12…I am certain Texas agrees, and both are out the door by 2021 or 2022. The key will be what happens next. and next, is 4 to 5 years from now…i am sick of waiting, but we are prisoners of the TV contract timelines…BIG expires in 2021 …PAC tv deal expires in 2022. Will they come after us?? HIGHLY likely, but not until 2020 or 2021…

THERE is where we disagree …

The horns have never been known to linger in mediocrity both as a football entity and where they reside conference-wise.

This is a new horn admin BUT horns are horns and their alum$$power$$ base drives the admin … both the tuna man and the BXII are done … put ah fork in them

When the SWC started to falter with the departure of Arkansas they worked to exit immediately …

Several years ago they attempted twice to exit the BXII to the Pac12 but developed cold feet and reconsidered.

NOW … I suspect they have no choice … and I doubt seriously they will lollygag around for 5 or 6 years

Just my Holmes guess … it will come MUCH sooner than later.

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Unfortunately I’ve been saying that the Big 12 will not go away for the following reasons :

  1. UT and OU want to stay the bosses of a conference and can’t get that anywhere else.
  2. The other 8 schools have little value to any other conference and won’t get any invites. UT and OU will use this a leverage and will negotiate a new tv contract whereby thet will get maybe 30% or more each of the revenues instead of the 10% they now get in exchange for holding the conference together.

Since UT lawyers drafted the GOR you would like to think they put a back door in it so they could get out early. If so, I would imagine you are right. They will look to exit sooner. If not, and even may still depend on the TV contracts, look for everything to happen around 2022 when the B1G TV contract is up for renewal. The Big 12 GOR will be close enough to expiration that they can negotiate a buyout from the conference.

As for us, we have to keep pushing. We have to continue to support the program and show we belong. I think Kansas and Oklahoma need to be careful over the next few years. They are banking their value on being national brands in football (OU) and basketball (KU). But they are not in huge markets. OU bases their claim more on having a large share of the Dallas market. They are assuming, and may be right, that their brand is valuable for other conferences. The other schools in the Big 12 are on the same footing with us and some will be at a disadvantage to us for any future realignment to another conference.

On our side, we have to continue to develop our brand, increase our fanbase and donations and continue to own a large part of the market share in the city of Houston. We need to market and tout that we are the third most popular college brand in the whole State of Texas. We continue to do this, we are going to attract interest from the other conferences. Being in what may soon be the 3rd largest city insures that other conferences have large alumni bases in the city that would like and support having us in the conference so these alumni can see their university play. Will it be enough, only time will tell.

For the record, I am not one who thinks UT is totally against us. I also do not think in this next round of realignment, UT is going to have the ability to block us if a conference wants to add us. This is not going to be a new conference forming but very old and well established conferences making decisions to expand. If they see value in adding UH with UT, these conferences will dictate, not UT.

Not at the moment, but that probably won’t hold OU out of being added to the B1G.

Nebby currently is not AAU (though they were) and Michigan State wasn’t AAU when they joined.

OU and UT (possibly KU) would add big time presence in KC, DFW and most of Texas. That’s the talk among folks up here in the Midwest at least.

I an see all three being added along with another eastern school.

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