Flugaur's "B1G Man" meeting

Been awhile since I posted a Flugaur post. If you don’t know, Flugaur is one of the folks on twitter that posts a lot about expansion. He’s allegedly got a contact with a high-up B1G admin that has insight into OU since OU has been talking to the B1G. He’s called quite a few things (missed on some as well), but he was basically pretty spot on when it came to Big 12 expansion last year.

Yesterday, he had a meeting with B1G man and the following tweets came out of it:

Whatever his source, I think any knowing of what ESPN will do is likely hard to track. As the media landscape changes, and they did have a huge blood letting recently, they could have different leadership, goals and resources when it is time to exert their influence.

As much as I dislike the Big 12, that would be stupid to just go to 4 big conferences. That would shrink the pool of teams who can realistically play for the National Championship. That’s why I just ignore all the conference realignments until something positive happens to UH.

Why would any conference want Kansas? For their basketball?

Yes, basketball and their AAU status.

Basketball is hardly a factor in these type of things (the amount of revenue it brings to a conference is minuscule compared to football, even for a school like Kansas). Keep in mind a conference doesn’t share in any of the monies when it comes to home basketball attendance revenue,etc. that’s all kept by the school.

It’s mostly about tv contracts and Lawrence Kansas is a suburb of Kansas City which is a solid tv market. Add to that their AAU status and geographic proximity and they are probably a good fit considering the teams that would be available

I think you underestimate KU’s basketball value. The general premise is correct that basketball does not bring in equal revenue to football. But KU is one of the 2-4 programs that come really close.

On the whole I don’t think anyone of this is too new. The Big 12 is dying and everyone knows it. There are three schools everyone wants, and everyone knows where they want to end up. Did someone all Flugar about the little brothers and there G5 counterparts


Thank you for posting Patrick. I"ll try guessing at this…again just guessing.
So the BIG10 is at 14. KU gets in that makes it to 15…so they will need to add one. Your guess is as good as mine. Remember that they are in an ideal position to BLOCK uta. That is the last thing that they should do and have the smallhorns dictates their agenda.
SEC gets OU & OSU? They are now set and have “locked up” the entire Texas market. It is a win win situation for the SEC. They isolate uta to the West or to be independent. atm will block uta’s entry.
So the the PAC12 is going to have to make two choices. Either let in the “devil” and its allies (TT, KS) or look elsewhere. Game times and financial issues or potential new deals makes it an almost no win situation but to accept a deal with them.
That leaves the BIG10 at wanting to get into Texas and takes us to be a 16 Teams Conference. What other small12 Teams could go to the BIG10?
Iowa State? They already have Iowa.
Kansas State? They will get Kansas
Baylor? Who wants to take the venom?
TCU? Question mark
West Virgina? Question mark
So I can see WV, TCU and Baylor going to the ACC.
Again this is just a guess.

ACC would probably look at UCONN and Cincy (if they can’t get Notre Dame for football) in this scenario. West Virginia would be of no interest to them; no market and the academic profile doesn’t fit.

If the B1G can get OU, they may also look at UCONN; market already covered, but they fit academically. Not really sure where else the B1G could go unless they took a chance on a G5 like us in order to get a foot into Texas. They did it with Rutgers…but, we’d need to be farther down the AAU road for it to make sense.

He did say that PAC would try to pull as many Texas schools as possible. UT, Tech, TCU, and UH would be the most logical choices and probably what the legislature would push for. Our luck, though, they pick Rice over us :rage:. Baylor has no chance, not just because of the scandals, but the whole religious thing. That’s our opening.

Long way to go and as they constantly say, everything’s fluid.

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Not quite true anymore. Basketball is becoming an area where conferences are able to gain more money due to the new contract in place that allocates funds based on how deep in the tourney you go. An appearance in the tourney is worth about $1.6M, a Sweet 16 run is worth $5M+, and a Final Four run can be worth $8M+. This is a big reason why the AAC went and grabbed Wichita State.

And of course, adding a program like Kansas instantly raises the RPI of all the other conference schools which means more chances to earn money.

Link that explains the payouts: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/sports/ncaa-money/

If OU can pull it off, a Big 10 move would be awesome. Texas recruiting and B10 network gets into DFW for sure. UT would rather go Pac 12 than Big 10?

I have a hard time believing UT going to the PAC. Football would be ok but Olympic sports? How about Tech? I don’t buy it.

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IMO, again it is just a guess. uta in order to get to the PAC12 will impose the following. Block our admission to the PAC12. Here is why and how:
It is keeping us out & keeps the Texas recruiting and more importantly the Houston area market out of OUR ability to recruit the best players. With all of the luck and intricacies between P5’s it is hard to see the end of the tunnel. I pray every day that I am wrong. Unfortunately history tells us that uta will do everything to block or conspire to block us from getting into a P5. This is not paranoia but hard reality. This why after all is set and done a BIG10 opening the door is not so far fetched.

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Big 10 opening for UH seems pretty far fetched.

UT will bring whoever is convenient for them. Seems like they’re playing the short game or thinking they can do what ND does.

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The PAC 12 is going to invite state schools. Church schools are anathema to the PAC and they have publicly said so . I could see Texas, Tech, Houston and someone like Okie state…i think this is our best shot after BIG makes their move and takes OU and Kansas…
…anything is possible…

Some keep talking about OU and OSU going to the SEC. But - but - I thought the SEC would not want two schools from the same state; therefore, they would not want UH because they already have atm. And, if they decided to take two from the same state, why would they want that state to be Oklahoma instead of Texas?

NO - UH and atm would be perfect for them - to go along with OU; that would lock all other conferences out of all of East Texas!


The SEC would rather not take 2 from the same state. But for OU they’d probably make an exception. And seeing​ as AtM hates us just about as UTA and we don’t exactly do anything major for them you could fully expect them to Nuke any possible chance to the SEC

SEC took the wrong Texas school. Texas S&M doesn’t know what to do without ut.

Not a fan of the Flug. He has some interesting insight and I followed his twitter feed for a while, but too much Goofer talk so I dropped him.

As a B1G Ten fan, I’d like to see KU and OU join, especially the for the weight/benefit of the western leg of the B1G.

Not sure any of this plays out the way(s) “BTM” mentions; however, if any of it does, expect UH to be involved with the aftershocks.

Didn’t we figure out last year that Flugaur is just as reliable as the Dude of WV and Tuxedo Yoda --which is to say, not? He’s clearly just throwing spaghetti against a wall.

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