Football doing a HORRIBLE job of keeping fans engaged


there has been Zero engaging material released from the football team at all…
there is zero talk about our football team… like none

which is crazy as we are 3 weeks into spring, and a week from the spring game and literally this place and all UH football fan places are dead

it just really hit me when i saw on social media tons florida fans debating about their spring stuff and scrimmage stats, talking about their spring breakout players etc…
(interesting side note deriq kings high school back up, who never started is gaining momntum to be floridas new qb)

this year has arguably been the worst media relation year i have seen from Houston in ages. and we werent that good to begin with.

  • we normally get 5min videos after every practice with clips of plays with coach interviews
  • overhyped circle drill videos
  • coaches quotes about how spring in progressing and player battles
  • scrimmage stats
  • Tons of random fluff pieces (like how are freshmen accommodating to college)
  • we used to have open practices

we have gotten nothing… i know some will say its a good thing …“suprise your opponent”. but in the end of the day, football is an entertainment business and drawing fan interest is the biggest part of the business…winning in front of an empty stadium is a failure

im starting to realize our attendance next season is going to be horrible to start, and it will be in part the fault of the football administration



I haven’t been to a spring game or practice in over a decade but I always look forward to the season (last year being an exception).

So, while true that the athletic department can do better, I don’t think it will affect attendance in the fall.

Briles will be the attraction with his offense.


it absolutely will affect attendance …Saturday will be a testament to that. this will be the first time anyone will have a chance to see the briles offense, and the last spring of our highest touted player since ware… i bet less than 2k actual people show up…this could have easily been over 15k

ive been around media, people dont just show up on a dime…everything is built up…
this is like people saying our basketball attendance should have been good at the end of last season because we were winning, no, it has to be built up
look at the Herman tenure, he did millions of interviews, had a million gimmicks, gave tons of quote-ables, he built up the national interest/fan interest . name any major program in the nation, i can tell you something that was learned from their spring…if it was just about having good staff why are they releasing media information? in texas, herman does a an interview after every spring practice that gets 8k view each, just on youtube…they also have practice videos on LHN… ohio state releases close to an hours worth of material from every practice between footage and interviews…

(Patrick) #5

Only thing I can think of is that they want to drown out the noise this offseason and focus on getting better. It seems like the main thing that is being pushed in the media is Ed Oliver.

Edit: Looks like the 46ers are getting to watch practice today:

And students get to watch Wednesday:

Football alums get to watch Friday, and the spring game is Saturday. Maybe we’ll start getting some more info flowing this week.

(J V ) #6

Agreed that the info coming out has been awful with no hype. The base of fans needs red meat but we are being starved.

(itcoog) #7

What is Bassity’s job? It really seems like they are doing this on purpose.

(Randy ) #8

I’m guessing it’s intentional as it seems to be Major’s MO. He better win and win big or it’s not going to work out very well.


It has to be intentional. I’m not sure that it is a wise move, but it is surely intentional…

(Patrick) #10

Definitely on purpose. Bassity was here during Herman’s tenure so he’d be putting things out if the staff wanted it to be out.


Major doesn’t seem to understand that dwindling attendance will cost him his job.

Or that building attendance is more than just the product on the field.


I agree, but I do think he will win a lot this year with Briles and will do well as long as Briles is here. So for that reason, I think the lack of media excitement won’t be a problem for attendance while Briles is here.

But after Briles leaves, then this might be a problem again depending on who he hires.

Applewhite isn’t the answer for UH long term imo.

(itcoog) #13

My wish would be major wins big and then gets promoted to a p5 job then Briles takes over.

(Russel ) #14

I disagree…attendance primarily comes from winning! His main focus is to get us back to where we were in Hermans first year.


That was a combination of great play and great hype.


15,000 to a spring game? Delusions abound


thats not true, ecu has never won at a top level and draws 50k a game on simple bowl teams

and 2 real life counter to your point…

  1. our attendance was horrible to finish out last year…8-4 is a decent season. should we only have good attendance on top 15 teams?

  2. why does ohio state and bama (along with every other big time program) release so much media in spring if it was only about winnning


so we are clear …numeros teams do over 50k for their spring game…

rutgers the worst team in the big 10 does 14k. but you think its delusional for houston to have 15k to our spring game…good to know you think so little of our program



(Tom) #20

Agree its dead in Cullen, all crickets nothing. Very Low energy.