Football seat upgrade period for luxury seats August 4th

Call the ticket office if you are interested in trying to upgrade to loge, club, or section 129 seats. They are starting the selection process on the 4th.

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I signed up to upgrade when I renewed. BUT my question now is suppose you upgrade to better seats but because they have to spread you out and you’re the new person in that upgrade area you get put somewhere else? You could conceivably pay more money and sit in worse seats than you currently have.

IF they truly have tp spread out 20,000 people MANY people will have to sit in those upper seats in the 300 section. At 62 THAT WILL NOT BE ME! Most season ticket holders are all in the better seats. This will be very interesting how they force people with good season ticket seats to move to worse spots to social distance.

I have no expectations that anyone will be seating in their exact “account seats” this coming season…but I guess the ticket office still wanted to give people a chance to upgrade their accounts

Hopefully the upgrade will kick in next year.

It will, this year I am sitting out the season but will still take part in the upgrade selection process.

Next season I will be 63. I’ll be honest. This very well could be my last season as a season ticket holder to any UH sports. I own my own business. Depending on events that occur the first Tuesday in November this year I have already told my investor to SELL all my portfolio and convert to CASH IF a certain outcome happens. I have instructed to sell Wednesday morning as early as possible. I will look to sell my business and home ASAP ( hopefully before Wednesday Jan 20, 2021 ).and have cash so I am liquid and ready to go wherever necessary.

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I believe you mean everything you said EXCEPT for the season ticket stuff.


Larry you may have to stop going as well IF something happens and your retirement portfolio crashes. We certainly won’t be making any investment income/gains.

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I don’t know the rules that they plan to use but I am assuming that married couples count as one and don’t have to social distance between each other.

I received extra info on this…luxury boxes do not have to social distance. There will be plastic (plexiglass) dividers between the boxes…

Has anyone got a response for participating in this?

I have an email with my time slot and the below instructions:

Upon your upgrade appointment (shown below) coming available, either John Noud, Associate Athletics Director for Development, or Zach Lade, Associate Director for Development/Internal Operations, will reach out to you at the contact number on file to discuss your options.”

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I’ve emailed twice (3 times if you count one in May but I’ll give grace for that) and haven’t gotten a response. I’ll try to call tomorrow.

Joseph, what kind of business do you own? I might be interested in buying.

At this point, what confidence level do we have that our first game will be 32 days from now (Thursday, 9/3 vs. Rice at TDECU)?

For what it’s worth, I was told by the young lady in the ticket office that I should be able to be close to my present location. With so many opting out this season, I may end up in the same place with no one near me. I sit in section 228, row 2 on aisle between 228 and 229. I am not seeking an upgrade, I love my seats.


Red80 - Our group has seats on rows 8 and 9 in 229, looking down at the 50. We believe for the CP required donation plus ticket price our seats are some of best in TDECU for the value. Sections 228 and 230 are also great seats. Like you our group has no desire to upgrade.

I haven’t gotten any emails in my inbox. I will have to call the ticket office.

Apparently there were 3 loge boxes available at the beginning of the process. By the time it got to me, there were just one group of 2 seats and one group of 3 seats left in the club area for upgrades. I think there was some availability in Section 129 too.

I could never get in touch with anyone to get in the upgrade process. Oh well.

Upgrade process went smooth. Was able to upgrade my four seats to four club level ones for 2021 season (opting out of this one).

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