For anyone not renewing tickets

(Dustin K) #1

Has the season tickets that people didn’t renew already hit the market? Just curious because I see some mentions around the board of various people who weren’t renewing for one reason or another but if you look to buy season tickets currently, there’s only just a few single seats available in the lower level.

Or do those get released later?

(Thomas Hitchcock) #2

The renewal deadline has not yet passed, so unrenewed seats are not absolve for purchase and won’t be until the upgrade period has passed.

(Dustin K) #3

I’m just trying to figure out whats available in upgrade…


I am wondering when I will hear anything from them. After 45 years they ought to offer me a chance.

(David) #5

Years of loyalty no longer matters…it is how much have you donated recently. This is big-time college athletics now. UH is probably a little better about trying to help since demand is not huge yet but bottom line: big donors trump loyalty in today’s world.

(Mark Shapiro) #6

The renewal deadline is May 1. I called the ticket office because I was looking into adding a seat. They told me availability will be known in the middle of May.