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I have some here I’m sure say I’m annoying. It’s just speaking our mind and keeping it above water. Never been ‘Yes’ man and some want that all the time.

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I always call Tik office, as I don’t have full season pks. Living in Cypress makes tough for weekday gms. Been to many gms where I go by myself n sat alone on empty row at Hof. :smirk:


Going back to the original post. I have two seats in 102 Row 3. They are great seats. Since I live 7 hours away, I couldn’t justify spending the $2500 for the seats I really wanted so I bought the cheaper seats and made a donation to Cougar Pride.


Wichita State is Turrible


Tickets for which game? I am looking for some tickets for the Memphis game.
EDIT: Nevermind, I misread your post and thought that you were giving them away.


Is the ticket office open today (New Year’s Eve)? I tried calling and it rang for about
five minutes before I hung up.

(Terence Greene) #33

Yes, sir Tom! Between 1500 and 1850 sounds about right if the game was played last year at the Hof!

(Cristian) #34

Theyll reopen Jan 2nd 2019. Have been closed since 24th.

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I’ve only recently gotten season tix this year for Basketball. Graduated in 2015 and have been having season tix for football since then. I had been to maybe 2-3 UH basketball games before this season ( “marquee” games). So you guys are saying that attendance in prior years for games such as VS NJIT, Saint Louis, Utah…ect would only draw 1-2k?
To be honest, I was a bit disappointed in these last few showings as I assumed that like football, basketball drew 50% capacity regularly.
So then basically attendance has more of less doubled this correct? Any idea how we can achieve more sellouts? Not going to lie, the LSU and Oregon games were the most fun I’ve at at a UH sporting event since we beat Oklahoma in football in 2016.

(Cristian) #36

Basically Basketball never drew more than 2k regardless of who was playing. The year that Ben Simmons came, the game wasnt anywhere close to half filled. Because we are getting alot of media exposure alot of people are coming. and because our stadium is new and the game day experience is nice people are coming. You should be proud that people are showing up for teams no one knows and we should be glad coach takes EVERY opponent seriously and gives them their due credit. We in no way are a great team yet but if we keep overcoming our starts we will soon be. Football is where im mostly disapointed because a big stadium shows more space. Our FTC doesnt show as much and stays loud.
In order to achieve sell outs. There has to be something at stake in this case every opponent has to be formidable and we have to defend our court. Simple as that. If we win they will come.

(Patrick) #37

In the past, games like NJIT would draw less than 1K. I was at games at Hofheniz or TSU where you could literally count the fans in the stands pretty quickly.

The NJIT attendance the other day was extremely heartening to see. 4-5K against that type of team shows that things are picking up. I have a feeling that we’ll get some great crowds during conference play.

What can we do to keep the crowds…keep winning. Folks in Houston will support a winner. Doesn’t mean we have to go undefeated, but we need to be in the running.


Keep winning, but also add funnel cakes and jambalaya to the menu. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bad news is, looks like tomorrows game won’t be close to a sell out. The good news is that it will be the best attendance/tickets sold we have had for a Tulsa game since we’ve been in the same conference. Memphis and Wichita State will be definite sell outs. ECU might be if we win 5 out of our first 6 conference games.


Weather tomorrow is supposed to be bad.

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I don’t trust the weather reports unless it’s a hurricane or tropical storm they are following but yes, if it’s raining all day and there is a flash flood watch just hours before the game, it definitely changes the attendance.


I can’t wait for that Temple game on the road.

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On the bright side, at least they didn’t wait until 2 hours before the game to release these.


4 hours ahead. Baby steps. Congrats to anyone buying last second or at game time. You will love those seats. For others, now you know where you can upgrade at tip off. :slight_smile:

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I am curious how they came up with this hold tickets back strategy.

How many more mini plans do they think they will sell?

Most people not inside the loop have to plan to go, not a spur of a moment kind of thing on a week day.

I guess the ticket office would rather have 100% of nothing than a percentage of something. I know. 4 people didn’t go to game due to not being able to get tickets before hand, they didn’t want a mini plan Then just before the game blocks got released.

(Jimmy Morris) #45

From David Bassity


Thanks for reaching out and for your continued support of Houston Men’s Basketball. At this time, Wichita State and Cincinnati games are only available in mini plans, so fans would need to purchase one of the packages now to guarantee seats for these exciting conference games. For the Memphis game, we have opened as much single-game inventory that we can at this time, and we will continue to assess as we get closer to that game.
Single game tickets for select individual games are also currently available on-line or at the Houston Athletics Ticket Office.
For more information or to speak to a ticket representative on all available seating options, please contact us at or by calling 713.Go.Coogs (462-6647).

Thank you and Go Coogs!

Expect the same thing to happen for ECU and Temple and to a lesser extent Memphis.

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How about releasing them at 8:00 am on the day of each game?