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(Jimmy Morris) #47

Would be a big improvement. I think the day after the previous game would help sell these seats without interfering with Wichita State and Cincy sales as well.

(Cougarpad) #48

The UH ticketing department is UH worst enemy at times. They can never just leave ticket prices alone especially for football. They got rid of the GA tickets in football when they could have used to fill the corners of 300 section. They change ticket prices every year. Now they are getting greedy for basketball games down the schedule instead of filling the arena.

(J V ) #49

Yep, they are getting greedy.

They will likely hold back mini plan tickets until 2 hours before the last home game they will pat them selves on that and cheer brilliant! - end sarcasm

(Jimmy Morris) #50

Pretty sure once we get past the Cincy game all tickets will be released. Otherwise, someone needs a new occupation.

(Christopher W Allison) #51

That’s odd…I bought 5 tickets to the Wichita State game weeks ago and it was for single game only. Now it is only part of a mini package??


The next two home games will be sold out!

(Jimmy Morris) #53

Did you order them over the phone? Would have been a mistake but harmless at least. Pretty sure since the start of the season on the online ticket program Oregon, LSU, Cincy and Wichita State were only available through multi-game packages.


Lots of tickets for sale on stub hub for Memphis game!

(Patrick) #55

(Jimmy Morris) #56

Unfortunately half of them are hiding behind the mini package deals but people won’t know to look there. Hopefully those tickets get released more than 3 hours before tip off.

(Tom Green) #57

What a Shocker! :grinning::grin:

(VancouverCOOG) #58

Mr Pezman, please release the tickets a tad early!

(Jimmy Morris) #59

Should have saved that one for the Wichita State ticket sales convo.

(Tom Green) #60

Well that was where I was going, being you have get mini combo w Shocker game! :grinning:


It looks like he’s pushing for that sellout

(Jimmy Morris) #62

You got me. It made me curious on seeing what is available online now. Turns out all that is left in 6 game, Wichita State mini and Cincy mini are single seats. The mid price seats for Wichita State mini and the cheap seats for Cincy mini. This is true even if you pair those games with ECU (mid week game against a bad team). Which COULD mean that 2 seat packages are sold out in the Wichita State and Cincy games and they COULD still be holding back reserved seats on online purchases for Memphis even though they can’t be sold. I really hope this isn’t the case. If suddenly 300 seats pop up the day of the game, I’ll be calling UH athletics on the phone Monday. Again hope this isn’t the case.


Yeah, i just went through and clicked several different combinations in all 3 mini options and you cannot buy 2 tix for any of the 3. There are less than 100 seats remaining on the pick your seat option for Memphis. And most of those are the $130.00/$285.00 Premium Seats. The Fertitta Center is going to be a ton of fun for the balance of the season!

(Jimmy Morris) #64

A pair of seats popped up in 5 different sections. That may be the last of them. Hopefully the scalpers lower prices soon so we can have a 100% packed house.

(Christopher W Allison) #65

Looks like much less seats now than yesterday. I just bought 5 to take the family. Not the best location, but it should be a sellout and hopefully loud and rowdy on the inside.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #66

On the positive side, there are no bad locations at the Fertitta Center. But I know some are better than others… I’d like to watch a game from one of those Barcaloungers someday. :grin: