For the dot counters

(Jimmy Morris) #87

No exaggeration, 799 tickets on stubhub currently cheaper than you can buy at

Is it OK to start worrying about the attendance of this game yet?

(Tom Green) #88

No. At this point in season the focus is all about winning all the Home gms n win Reg Season Ship.

(Albert) #89

Shorter beer lines!!! :smile:

(Tom Green) #90

Dot counters have left the bldg. We looking for ‘W’ counters . #LetsGoWinSomeGames

(David) #91

Rhetorical, right? Just think of it this way: UH fans are prepping them for @ Tulane.

(Tom Green) #92

Really not trying to shoot down Jimmy’s concern for Wed nite attendance. But if there’s 3,505 butts at FC Wed nite, so be it. This year has already been tremendous success w opening of FC and huge increase in attendance from previous years.
Just need to win the Conf now!!

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #93

I thought I saw FB post a week ago that students had already claimed their allotment. If true then attendance is already a success for ECU.

But really cannot believe some still want to focus on any negatives with the successes we have had on the court and at the gate this season.


Still need more real UH fans that come to watch UH and not the opponent.

With a top 25 and 18-1 team, we should easily be able to fill a 7,000 seat arena…but it is what it is and why we’re in the AAC and not Big 12, SEC, etc.

(John m Bevil) #95

Sold out = all available tickets sold

Attendance up 200%

Go Coogs!

(Munzell Milluns) #96

Thy attendance thread monster shall yield hell and fury til thine submits…or else!

(Thomas) #97

Even if there are only 3,500 in there Wed. night, this new arena projects significantly more in terms of energy and loudness. If there were 3,500 in the Hof a couple of years ago, the place would sound like a ghost town. Whole different vibe this year. Whoossssssssssssssseeeeeeee Seat???

(Jimmy Morris) #98

Not true. The older gym had a lower ceiling and was far from quiet, little alone sounding like a “ghost town,” when the 3500 had something on the court worth cheering about.


Yes, Hofheinz was loud with less people. Unbelievably loud with full attendance.

(Thomas) #100

Not from what I recall, but everyone has their own perceptions. Nothing wrong with either.


Fertitta Center>>> Hoffeinz Pavilion. Don’t @ me.

(Jimmy Morris) #102

No one is claiming Hofheinz Pavilion was a better venue than Fertitta Center is. The fake news that Hofheinz was quiet half full is the debate here.

(Tom Green) #103

Hofheinz Pavillion is sleeping. May it sleep in Peace! :smirk::disappointed:

(Randy Randel) #104

shaggy has it right. If Hofheinz had 2500 or more in attendance and UH was playing well, it could be loud

I haven’t seen where shaggy or anyone else claimed Hofheinz was a better facility than Fertitta. At the time it was built Hofheinz was one of the top facilities in the country, especially compared to the dumps our state brethren played in. That said look at what Hofheinz cost in today’s dollars compared to FC.


Hofheinz in either '90 or '91 (I can’t remember) against Texas and Arkansas was the loudest venue I’ve ever been in and I’ve been to a number of loud concerts. Pretty sure I suffered some permanent hearing damage.

(Randy Randel) #106
  1. It was also the largest official attendance for a game at Hofheinz.

On the not so bright side of that date, it was the day Andre Ware announced he was entering the draft.