For those unaware: Coog Basketball

(PortlandCoog) #1

This team this year is looking legit. 2-0 in conference and 12-2 overall. Women’s BBball are 12-3 and 1-0 in conference.

Things are looking up!

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Yup. This is a fun deep team w a retooled front court.
BIG showdown on Jan 4th @ Wichita.

(Craig C.) #3

Can’t believe game ended up being so close, made me nervous at the end.

(G.W.) #4

Losing the big guy in the second really hurt us. Man he was tearing it up down low. I hope it’s not a high ankle sprain. It was the best moved by a big guy I had seen in a long time.
Also the refs gave nothing to Rob Gray. Everyone else was going to the line. And you could see he was getting hit on shots, but no FTs.

(Patrick) #5

They finally gave Gray free throws at the end when he was basically tossed into Temple’s bench. Just wouldn’t call them the rest of the game when he had the ball.

(David) #6

Rob used to get the calls but he seems to go Harden on every attempt trying to get the call. Maybe that is backfiring on him now? If he would just take his shot rather than looking for contact, maybe things would get back to normal for him?

This team is solid but to be in the top 3 or 4 they will need Rob to get his 15 to 25 per game in AAC play.

(Patrick) #7

I’m a little worried that coaches have been complaining about Rob and so refs are being told to watch that. Some of the refs are taking it a bit too far and not calling anything when he drives as was the case against Temple the other night.

Still, Rob’s shot isn’t falling from the outside right now. Needs to get that back on track.

(Butch) #8

Yep there is no doubt Rob is in a rut for whatever reason. He missed shots against Temple he normally makes. He needs to settle down, forget about the officials and concentrate on getting back on track with his game. We have enough weapons to make opponents pay if they concentrate on Rob too much…


I’m glad we won this game, but it is also comforting to know we won even lacking rob scoring 20. If he makes even 50% on the night that game isn’t close. And coach was right to bring up clemson. They’re 12-1, only loss to that Temple squad.

(David) #10

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