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Usually we post a link. Something to show where you got the info. My first thought is there will be more death in 2020 than any previous year and we know why. This thread wont last


Through the end of September, 2.39 million Americans have died of all causes. At the same point in both 2018 and 2019, it was 2.17 million. Wonder why?


This is a political post, which I am not necessarily against, but it is forbidden on this forum.

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IBL for obvious post lock is obvious.

No linky, means definitely no facty.

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Not clear to me at all this is political but rather a
medical post. OP is making a forecast , which may
just happen to be his personal opinion forecast. And that is good thing. I don’t agree that death by cancer, flu, or heart disease will all rise in 2021, but
time will tell. At this time next year, we should have
the answer. Here is to hoping we are all still here !!!

I wonder why some refuse to follow the rules.


Has this board every discussed anything remotely related to COVID without it becoming, quickly, political?

Why do you say this??? Do you have specific info on the person(s) that is responsible or making a wild guess?? Is this info that only the elitest know and not us little peasants??? Will the food supply get attacked???

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Yes and no. Sorry for the weaselly response.
There have been some good threads and good information
on the satellite in the past. They have gone on for awhile without
Incident, but alas some few turn it blatantly political.

I’ve noticed with the new stricter guidelines the satellite has
become a ghost town. Very few posts , but I guess that’s
desired by site owner(s) and moderators. I guess we can start
Satellite topics about our favorite crochet stitches, and speculate if
There is left hand or right hand stitch bias, etc.

With the current status of this message board, perhaps they
should lock all categories except sports and academics. Everything
else can be viewed as “political”. Just about time to remove coogfans
from homepage to a backpage as it just takes up page Realestate and doesn’t
really offer much anymore for me.

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