Forks, Washington

Absolutely not-football-related…but I stumbled across this by sheer accident. The family and I traveled through Forks this past weekend and stayed at an RV park next to Three Rivers. I thought Three Rivers looked pretty cool so I checked out their website.

And lo and behold…under the Activities section…wait for it, wait for it…(there are about 18 pics to cycle through…so you might have to wait a minute to see it)…


Not sure if that was anyone on this board…but if so (or not)…props to you for raising your kid the right way!


Coogs everywhere!

Beanie of a true champ

And he caught a nice fish - kid’s a winner!!

It’s not me but I live in Anacortes, where you take the ferry to the San Juan Islands. Not exactly close to Forks but neither is anything else.

My wife’s family is from Washington State. We went to Orcas Island about seven years ago in August. Got in the water but got out quick. Coldest water I ever swam in. Beautiful place it is.

That’s awesome.

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