Forks, Washington


Absolutely not-football-related…but I stumbled across this by sheer accident. The family and I traveled through Forks this past weekend and stayed at an RV park next to Three Rivers. I thought Three Rivers looked pretty cool so I checked out their website.

And lo and behold…under the Activities section…wait for it, wait for it…(there are about 18 pics to cycle through…so you might have to wait a minute to see it)…


Not sure if that was anyone on this board…but if so (or not)…props to you for raising your kid the right way!

(Mark Jacob) #2

Coogs everywhere!

(Cristian) #3

Beanie of a true champ

(Greg Wirthmann) #4

And he caught a nice fish - kid’s a winner!!

(Trent) #5

It’s not me but I live in Anacortes, where you take the ferry to the San Juan Islands. Not exactly close to Forks but neither is anything else.

(Chris) #6

My wife’s family is from Washington State. We went to Orcas Island about seven years ago in August. Got in the water but got out quick. Coldest water I ever swam in. Beautiful place it is.

(Ben B) #7

That’s awesome.