Former UH AD Mack Rhoades talks Houston athletics

Austin Staton, a Baylor grad, and I spoke with current Baylor AD Mack Rhoades on The Weekly Brew podcast this week, and I got him to weigh in on the current state of Houston Athletics and what still needs to be done to get UH to that next level, the pinnacle of collegiate athletics. How does UH become a blue-chip program? What conference should Dr. Khator, Hunter Yurachek and co. be targeting? All this and more. Give it a listen!

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I’d ask him “if you had to do it all over again, would you still hire Levine and Dickey as your head coaches?”


If Mack said water is wet…You best double check

Dickey and Levine were fails. TDECU Stadium is ftw. Giving credit where it’s due

MR was a good administrator. Not so much as an AD !

I won’t talk about Mack Rhodes and his UH days; I have my feelings about it, but that’s not why I’m posting.

I find the fact that Baylor administrators continue to try to state that things are getting better without releasing reports or allowing 3rd party oversight to be completely off-putting. It is a trend that continued in this interview and was on display during the Kim Mulkey statement after they clinched the Big 12 women’s title, as well as the interim-president’s comments to the Texas legislature (of which he was called out on by one of the Senators). Are we supposed to just take their word for it? It also amazes me that the two Baylor alums on this podcast are willing to accept that word without any pushback. If this happened at UH, I would want to know every detail so that we could properly clean this up.

Also, and this is another consistent habit I’ve noticed from Baylor admin, the use of “celebrities” saying that their daughter goes/or would go to Baylor and that they feel safe sending them there is pathetic to me. Why don’t we go and ask the parents of the girls on how they feel about the safety of sending their daughters to Baylor. I don’t care if Jeff Bannister (Go Coogs) believes his daughter is safe at Baylor, his daughter wasn’t sexually assaulted.

I also find it disconcerting that one of the lead administrators at Missouri during their problems (shout out to Kevin for mentioning it) is now trying to whitewash what’s going on at Baylor. Rhodes has blood on his hands and it would be nice if he would come clean about it. Then again, Mack was never one to be open and communicative about anything.

Too many people in the Baylor community want to just wash this away and move on, just as they did with the Dennehy murder, but that won’t solve the problems that will probably just propogate again. If you are a true Baylor supporter, you should want the transparency and if you aren’t calling for it, you’re part of the problem.

Anyway, I do love the podcast and do listen regularly; Love your work Kevin, keep doing what you’re doing.


I know some Baylor alum that aren’t even aware of what is happening or happened. It’s normal for people to graduate and forget about their intuitions.

During our coaching search it was these same people that were wishing for Art Briles to return to Houston.

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Freaking Mack was handing out recommendations to guys like Kendal Briles and the GA Texas hired (Horny) without a clue as to what went on at Baylor.

What little respect I had for him vanished when that was released.

The fact is, Mack was about to get fired at Missouri. Only reason he jumped into that Baylor mess. He had no choice.

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It also doesn’t help when you gush over Rhule coming in and changing the culture and yet he’s had to fire two staffers before the spring practices even started.

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