Former UH receiver trying to catch on with the 49ers

(Patrick) #1

The word from observers of the 49ers’ camp is that Dunbar has indeed made few mistakes, and he has put together enough good days that he should have a future in the NFL.

Making this year’s roster is going to be a challenge.


I noticed he didn’t have any stats yesterday.

(G.W.) #3

He never had great speed. But he was always able to get good separation on short and medium routes. He has good size and great hands.

(Patrick) #4

He got a few snaps on offense, but the ball wasn’t thrown his way. He also got a few snaps on special teams. He has the talent, but San Fran is a tough spot for a WR to crack the roster. 11 guys fighting for jobs. May end up somewhere else once cuts start happening.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

The toughest part for him making a roster will be always making the easy catches. I don’t know if it’s a concentration thing but he seemed to drop more easy ones than difficult ones.