Former UH star, Vikings QB Case Keenum joins fans at Cougars game

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Case and his wife were having a great time and Case was trying to give everyone autographs that came and asked at halftime. Eventually, security had to shoo people off the court to allow Cincy to warm-up after halftime. Crowd also did a SKOL chant for him. I was right above where he was sitting and he stayed until the end.

He wasn’t the only one there as Elandon Roberts, DJ Hayden, Joey Mbu, and David Piland were there along with almost the entire current Cougar football team.

“I love UH, I love the Cougars,” Keenum said during an interview with CBS Sports Network. “There’s a lot of pride here being a part of the Houston Cougars, to come back anytime I can I like to do that.”

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I made it in this video


That’s awesome Patrick, I see you sitting there to the right on the chairs. Man! You look really good for your age!

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notoriousmbu Home #GoCoogs

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Thanks, Shawn…did you mean the camera’s right or Case’s right


I was joking meaning you were the guy on the camera right in red but I figured you were to Case’s right in blue. You still look sharp my man :wink:

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Hah, I figured you were joking, just didn’t know if you had me as Kim or the other guy.

I’m actually up behind him and only seen at the end when the camera pan (Up where the security lady in blue is). Don’t have the money to sit with the high rollers


Lol nice! I see you. I’m not a high roller either. I would be sitting behind you :grinning:

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Patrick u lookin’ kinda ruff dude. Is…is u ok?