Fornelli 50 college football rankings: A team other than Alabama is No. 1

(Patrick) #1

Houston (1-0): All the attention is on the quarterbacks, but Houston’s Ed Oliver could easily be the No. 1 pick in next year’s NFL Draft, and he probably should be.

Hmmm…seems like there’s a Power 6


If he means the 2018 NFL Draft, he couldn’t and shouldn’t be – Oliver isn’t draft-eligible for another year.

(Patrick) #3

I think he’s saying that Ed Oliver is probably the best player in football right now, even though he’s a sophomore.

(David) #4

I am not sure how much faith I can put in his “original recipe” formula for ranking when he has UCF at No. 5 in the country due to a blowout win over FIU and UTSA at No. 15 due to their win over Baylor.

(Cary) #5

We might have two linemen drafted that year and fairly high. That is also the year that Will Noble will be graduating. Anyone know the last time we would have a OL and DL drafted in the same year? I have no clue.

(Ben B) #6

He points out that it is purely based on what has happened on the field during the current season, so early in the season there can be “some wonky results”. He also points out it is especially weird right now because some teams have played three games and others have had two cancelled from Hurricanes.
Even more specifically, he points out that the first odd result is the UCF team at 5, but right now, with what has happened on the field from them, mathmatically they look great.

(David) #7

I saw those caveats. Seems his recipe calls for at least 5 or 6 weeks of baking before it is ready for consumption. I guess UCF could be the 5th best team in the country. Who knows? Seems unlikely but maybe they have caught lightning in a bottle this year.

And, if it is purely based on what happened on the field during the current season, why is the OU win at Ohio State considered a bigger win than UH winning at Arizona? I am not arguing that it is not but that is based on prior seasons’ accomplishments and the reason OU is at the top of his ranking is because they won on the road at Ohio State. The OSU beat Indiana (now 1-1) on the road by only 28 points. How does winning at OSU make it the best win based on that? Too early for this poll…“never” might be the best time to publish it but we will see later in the season.

(Patrick) #8

Love these questions.

1998 would be the answer. DT Leonta Rheams went in the 4th round to the Patriots and C Ben Fricke went to the Giants in the 7th.

1990 was next with DT Alfred Oglesby and DT Craig Veasy going in the 3rd to Miami and Pittsburgh respectively while T Joey Banes went to the Oilers in the 11th.

1977 saw DT Wilson Whitley drafted in the 1st by the Bengals and G Val Beecher drafted in the 3rd by Dallas.

1967 had DE Carl Cunningham going in the 4th to the Broncos, DT Paul Otis going in the 9th to the Steelers, and T Charles Fowler going in the12th to the Browns.

50s get harder to tell as guys played both ways and there were 30 rounds in the draft, but we had at least two linemen drafted in 1953, '54, '56, '57, and '58.

(Cary) #9

Awesome work pray 10. This might be the highest since Whitley and Beecher. Noble is highly regarded.

(Patrick) #10

Agreed, and with Allen thrown in there, could have three high draft picks.

(Mike Higdon) #11

I don’t care what his formula is, any ranking system that has UCF, UTSA, SMU, Wake Forest, and Eastern Michigan, among 32 teams ranked ahead of LSU is not worth the paper its written on. Completely stupid.


Exactly! What a joke.


IIRC, his name was Val Belcher (not Beecher)…

(Patrick) #14

That’s correct. Hit the wrong letter.