Found 4 Cougar Games on You Tube

(Robert Swearengin) #1

3 Cotton Bowls: Maryland, Notre Dame, and Nebraska.

And the 1990 Dome Game against A$M.

I attended all 4 of those games. Was great getting to see them again. Our talent back then was really amazing.


That A&M game in the Dome might have been the only time Jenkins ever tried to run the clock.

(Jerrycoog) #3

The 90 game vs Baylor in Waco is on youtube also.

(Robert Swearengin) #4

Just found another. Texas Tech in 1990.

(Patrick) #5

Do a search on YouTube for “Stephen Barnett Houston Cougars”

He’s got a playlist of 23 past UH games

Edit: Not sure if this link will work for others, but this is the link when I search. Up in the left corner, you can click on the three lines to change which game you want to see from the playlist:

I’ve also been trying to catalog the last few season in the Classic History Forum on this site.

(Robert Swearengin) #6

I watched the Armed Forces Bowl against Pitt.

It still astonishes.

(Jerrycoog) #7

He has some PSJ games too I saw the 83 Baylor and Arkansas games on there as well.

(Chris) #8

Just think for a moment how dominant we could be today?

(Ben B) #9

We are on our way there.


Interesting to note that Art Briles played wide receiver for UH on our '76-'77 Cotton Bowl team.

(Robert Swearengin) #11

Since all 3 of our 1970’s Cotton Bowl Teams can be watched on You Tube, against very excellent opponents, which one was the best?

The 1979 Defense was the best, probably in school history, but that Offense was pretty average.

Overall, which team was the best: 1976, 1978, or 1979?

(Mark) #12

I don’t have to think, just look at 2016 before Herman flaked out on us.