Frank Anderson to Tennessee


Not excited about this. I would suspect todd is next and then I would suggest to go after shsu coach.

Frank Anderson is virtually as responsible for our success in recent years as Whitting. This is a big, big loss.


This is a big loss. Now we will see how good todd really is.

Big loss for the Coogs but I have faith coach Whitting will continue to get the job done and will hire a replacement…

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This is really quick, any insight as to why?

Guessing money; Tennessee can offer more and he gets to be in the SEC.

Interesting, Tennesssee hired a former TCU assistant to be their head coach: Tony Vitello. Whitting and Vitello didn’t coach together as Whitting left a year before Vitello was brought in, but I’m sure there’s a connection there.

Former pitching coach for the last decade of Augie Garrido’s career at UT. Would be a good replacement for Anderson.

I don’t really think the position of pitching coach of Tennessee Baseball is better than pitching coach of Houston Baseball. You’re in one of the best baseball playing cities in America as these kids are playing around 10 months of baseball every year in Houston. I get that it is the SEC, but this ain’t football and he’s not going to Vanderbilt. Some people just can’t stand living in the big city… my Mom for example :slight_smile: .

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Follow the money

This would be a great “trade” if we land him. Former head coach at UC Irvine, CS Fullerton, and Tennessee who has a long track record of success.


This is a very important hire. Remember the pitching coach prior to Anderson. Biggest change I saw in Anderson versus his predecessor, walks. Before Anderson, it was not uncommon for our staff to walk 4 - 6 batters a game. We would lose games because of walks. Anderson came in, got the pitchers to stop nibbling and challenge hitters. Not be afraid to pitch inside. And Lord help you as a pitcher if you walked someone. That first year under Anderson, if you were on the mound and you walked someone. You were warned. Walk another and your were pulled. He sent the message loud and clear.

I am going to miss him but wish him well at Tennessee.


Frank is the best pitching coach in college baseball, but its painfully clear the anti Todd agenda of some people in this thread. Its not as if Todd, Couch, Barker and Schotzberger just sat in recliners and let Frank do all the work.

This is a good job and it should get a candidate the caliber of a Dave Serrano or Skip Johnson (two guys who are pretty similar to Anderson in terms of background).

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No Skip Johnson

Terry Rooney, former UCF HC and assistant at Bama last year, got the job according to Kendall rogers.

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