Freshman applications for 2019

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Any idea what the usual count is?

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Record 51K last year


Thanks for that link. 29k of those 51k were freshman last year. Seems like we’ve beat last year’s record with another 2 months left to go.


According to the Common Data Set, we had 22,500 applications from “first time freshmen” in 2018. This was a record.

THECB also tracks application, admission and enrollment stats for all Texas colleges. For 2017 (the latest year available), we had 21,823 first time freshman applications.

Here’s an interesting stat which shows the quality of our applicants. Number of rejected applicants who enrolled at another Texas public 4-year university:

UT = 9,721
Texas A&M = 5,105
Houston = 3,321
Texas St = 2,431
Texas Tech = 1,542
UT-San Antionio = 1,159
North Texas = 1,127
UTEP = 0 (did not reject ANY applications)

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That’s a huge number. I think the university may start admitting more freshmen students than transfers in the near future. Just speculating though!

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