Friday Night Lights set for April 12


Biggest question is since IJ is gone who is going to race the student?

(Patrick) #42

They did have a spring game in 2017. Last year, the spring game was snowed out.

(Patrick) #43

Bingo. Guessing CDH doesn’t really know what his depth chart will be and doesn’t really want to put folks out there in certain positions that they may not belong in. Saw he said in another article that he won’t release a depth chart to the team until after the spring.

I’m guessing we’ll have spring games after this year, but blame this year on CMA and the transition more than CDH.

(Dan) #44

I would say Marquez.

(Jimmy Morris) #45

Do you see any newcomers that aren’t on the team this spring but will be eligible the upcoming season that can provide immediate help? I know our offense will be up for the task against OU but I’d hate to see us start a new season with a new staff with a 63-49 result like the Texas Tech game last year. It would definitely have an impact on the attendance for the Prairie View game.


I don’t know. If that PVA&M game ends up being at 11AM, we could beat OU by 40 and the stadium would still only be half full the next week.

(Jimmy Morris) #47

See, you are still being optimistic. You said half full instead of half empty. :grinning:

(Christopher W Allison) #48

We we lose to OK by 14, that would be a win.

(Jimmy Morris) #49

I have yet to see a moral victory increase attendance.

(Butch) #50

If we get whipped soundly by OU our crowds against WSU and Prairie View will more than likely be down the toilet…
Honestly I am not worried about our defense, because we know going in it will be bad. But we also know we have better coaches in place for the future has no where to go but up.
On offense I worry about our offensive line getting adapted to actually blocking. Our running game has been pretty dismal for years and we don’t have a stud running back to carry the load. We will once again have to run by committee and hope our offensive line can improve very fast…
At this point I coach is worried about keeping everyone healthy and ready for the fall. We cannot suffer any more injuries, especially on defense or to our quarterback. If King goes down so does our offense in all likelihood…

(Jimmy Morris) #51

I guess that would be the one thing of info I’d like to hear about from Friday night. Knowing now that Clayton isn’t close to being ready for prime time, I’d like to know if Bryson is spending more time practicing as a drop back QB or a utility athlete.

(Butch) #52

No doubt Smith is valuable as a receiver and returner, but if King goes down it will pretty well leave us with very little quarterback experience. I am confident Tune will be a good one, but he should have red shirted last year…that was a wasted year for the young man…

(Jimmy Morris) #53

Yeah, I got a lot of push back when I wanted Tune to sit out the bowl game. Best case scenario he did great and saved Applewhite’s job? Worse case scenario, King (who hasn’t been healthy a full season yet) goes down in the first 5 games and Tune struggles as he loses another year of eligibility playing half a season again.

(Butch) #54

I thought I heard DH say that he would like to redshirt Tune? So maybe he has an idea of getting a transfer or moving Smith over…we shall find out because coach is very tight lipped about everything…reminds me coach Yeoman back in the day…


The email that came in today says the - “game” / “scrimmage” / whatever - will occur at 7 PM, and there will be free parking in lots 12A and 12B - no other information of any kind. For example: Will there be a game, or just a scrimmage? Will people be sitting in the club? In the regular seats only on that side of the stadium? Should people enter in the center or the corners of the stadium? Little things like that?

This whole thing has been handled in the most unprofessional way possible. But, what the heck should anyone expect from UH? They have been doing this kind of nonsense for years! And, they wonder why they can’t sell out the stadium!

(Jimmy Morris) #56

" HOUSTON – The Houston Football program will open its doors to Houston fans on April 12 as Friday Night Lights takes place at TDECU Stadium at 7 p.m.

ICON Gate 2 and Gate 3 will open for the free event at 6 p.m. Free parking will be available in Lots 12A and 12B on the south side of TDECU Stadium. Only lower bowl seating will be available, seating will be first-come, first serve and concessions will be open.

The Houston Team Shop will be open on the concourse with a special clearance sale set for the event."

According to Dana … it’s going to be a practice, if you don’t want to see a practice, don’t come.

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(Ben) #58

$100 for an Ed Oliver toy?

(Jimmy Morris) #59

They are probably basing he price on a couple of them being sold for over $300 on EBay. All I know, is Big Ed better be getting a big cut of it.

(Dan) #60

I was right there with you. Terrible decision and if Smith wasn’t ready that’s on the coaches as well.