Friday Night Lights set for April 12


According to a post on twitter, he is getting half…no verification if true or not


Does the bobblehead quit while bobbling?

(bg) #63

Does it come with a removable jacket??

(Jimmy Morris) #64

Half would be more than fair. Pro athletes don’t get close half for their image or name on merchandise. It’s not like with it being limited edition, that it’s going to put a dent in the $17 million plus annual debt but it’s not selling for $100 if he wasn’t a Heisman candidate or first round draft pick.


I agreed with you in silence while a couple of posters thought it was ludicrous not to burn a redshirt and give the team the best chance to win.



Head will probably fall off after 4 bobbles, then try to steal the jacket off my keenum bobblehead, no thanks

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A running back is as good as his offensive line. I actually think we have some pretty decent running backs in Carr and Walker. But if the line is not opening space for the running back to run, he can be a superstar and will look pretty average behind a bad line.


I like Mulbah Car, a big bruising back who runs hard

(Dan) #70

I wonder if they’ll Facebook live the event like last year for OOTC.

(Jimmy Morris) #71

Josh is an inch shorter than Mulbah and outweighs him by 20 lbs. Which is why I think there was something personal between Major and Leroy for Josh to get zero carries even when we went 4 to 5 deep in games.

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TCU cancelled their spring game. It’s not really a big deal.

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It’s officially practice .

(Albert) #76

How long do these practices last? I don’t think I’ll make by 630. Closer to 7 for sure.

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Zebras on the field warming up…:thinking:

(CoogNation_14) #78

Defense is a couple of steps ahead of Offense

(Drew) #79

Is it streaming live?

(Jimmy Morris) #80

That’s the other extreme I wasn’t expecting. He won’t be hurting for money in about 3 months. Would be nice if he personally autographed them if he is getting 100% of the sale price. Not saying he is obligated to do that. Would just be a nice gesture.