Friday Night Lights

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To my uneducated eye, here’s what I saw last night at Friday Night Lights

The defense will be much more aggressive. No more of the “contain, contain, bend, bend, don’t expose anyone where they might fail” kind of defense. There were a couple of plays where the defensive player lit up the back or receiver, and the effort and enthusiasm were obvious.

Our Safety position is is good hands. Sprewell and Anderson are going to be stars and mainstays. Moore, when he is eligible, will be able to help quite a bit-- and as always, Stuard plays hard every play. Cornerback is still at work in progress because of experience, but they held their own well against our receivers. Damarion Williams, the JC All-American will be just fine-- He can cover and play.

The linebackers, with Carmouche, Edgeston, et all held up pretty well. And the D Line had some good moments with good pressure on the QB’s. Chambers looks like he is ready to step in as the bellcow of the D-Line and got through for a couple of “sacks”. Godfrey, Duke and Parish were active as well, and Olivier Charles-Pierre is one large human being.

On offense, the Line did some nice things in the run game. Our first team line of Jones, Bardwell, Jones, Murphy, and Williams were large, and are going to be a factor as they take on the persona of the line coa,ch and the new tougher offense. Banes, Lewis, and Boatman got a lot of backup time, and are going to need to be ready to step in and play.

On offense, Corbin and Stevenson looked good, with Trevon Bradley getting a couple of good catches. Singleton and Mark got a lot of targets, and it is obvious that the coaching staff wants to get Julon Williams the ball to see what he can do. Carr looks like he is ready to have a breakout senior season at Running back, with all of the backs running hard-- Car, Smith, and Walker.

At QB, King and Tune are still learning the offense, and misfired on some passes. I attribute it to the offense still learning its way and discovering what they can do well. You have to remember that this was a practice and was not designed to “win” a football game. The coaches are still learning what the team can and can’t do, and the players are still getting the Briles system out of their heads. Holgorsen can run the offense, and will be a nice addition to the backups.

Overall, the hitting was a step up from what we saw under Applewhite and D’onofrio. Special teams were interesting, with us running some punt return drills to see who had the skills. Anderson and Stevenson were eye openers with their speed and moves. It will be great for us to treat punt and kickoff returns as actual plays that we can make yardage and score on. Of all the coaching decisions last year, the most frustrating was that we conceded almost every punt and kickoff return with a fair catch. Well, it is obvious that we plan to put our players in a position to make positive yards and succeed on special teams plays.

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Good writeup thank you. Patrick Carr has gone Barry Sanders in spring games before, though I thought he should have gotten more touches last season when all were healthy. I hadn’t thought of this but Logan with a clipboard and a headset should be key in others learning the new offense even if he never sees the field. Nice to hear positives in both trenches.

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Addition: The tight ends were targeted a lot last night, with Trahan, Eichenberger, Creamer and Turnbull-Frazier all getting their time to run routes and catch.

Some players were held out last night including Kirvin (who I really wanted to see) and Payton Turner. They have the potential to be large factors in the defense next year.

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Thanks, Jim. Great recap.

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Video on the site and an interview with CDH at the end from prior to the scrimmage.

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“Knee feels great,” King said after a 2 ½-hour practice in a heavy rain. “I’ve been feeling 100 percent for a long time now.”

UH coach Dana Holgorsen took no chances this spring, with King and the rest of the quarterbacks off-limits for contact. Instead the emphasis was on learning an offensive system that is expected to have varying tempos and some component of the Air Raid and how Holgorsen will communicate signals from the sideline.

“Everywhere he has been his offense has been great,” King said of Holgorsen. “Coming in here and learning the system, we still haven’t gotten it down all the way, but I feel the offense is getting better every day.

“He does a bunch of different tempos. We can go as fast as we can go and can slow it down. It keeps the defense on its heels not knowing what you are going to do.”

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Slideshow of pictures from last night.

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This is what I don’t understand about the “hitting with the crown of the helmet” rule. Why do they consider it dangerous if a defender leads with the crown but it’s ok when it’s a running back? I feel like the NCAA doesn’t care if it results in more points because it’s hard to tackle someone that puts their head down while you are keeping your head up and trying not to give them a blow to the head. I feel like it’s setting up college defenses to fail.


Thank you! I think coach has several open spots to bring a few players in position of need and depth purposes. We are going to shock OK. This team will put it together in Sept.

(Coog) #15

King started slow as did the offense but it came around. #10 Singelton looked a little sketchy but he had some nice catches. #5 Stevenson looked solid like last year. #2 Corbin did a fine job. #21 Patrick Carr did a solid job as well. The TE’s as a whole showed good hands and were targeted more than we are used to. At times we could run the ball but at times the defensive aggressiveness and pursuit shut down the run. #70 had a nice hook on th de which allowed a td run.

Defensively we looked determined and had more of an attack attitude. #3 Stuard was hisnusually self. #4 looked good as well. DL looked oretty quick and pursued the ball, sometimes making tackles on the sideline, a la Ed Oliver. #31 Parrish had several sacks and has a high motor. Both Safeties were legit. #98 Payton Turner and #94 Issiah Chambers didnt participate but look the part.

Overall I liked what I saw from the defense. The offense needs to work on a few things but will be ok.

I did see DH chugging a Red Bull during the punt return drill.


Yes, we will; this team “ain’t bein’ coached now by no” washed up whorn"!


Dr Khator was not as optimistic in her remarks last night. “I’m not sure he has the talent he needs.”


Meh… What does she know about coaching up kids to get better at football. I’ll trust Dana and staff along with @74Coog before her. CDH feels confident we can win big this year.


Admittedly I haven’t read every word of every article, but where, and when, did Dana say we can win big this year?

I’m optimistic, much more so than the last two years, but I’m not booking a trip to Norman yet.


Why not ?! Because you don’t feel confident UH will win… That’s not being a real fan… More like a bandwagon one lol