From Chicken **** to Ed Oliver All-American Freshmen


Judas = overrated.

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Who cares what Herman says? Good lord people, get over him already. I don’t pay attention to what my ex wife says about me. She’s an ex for a reason.


I do find it amusing that he’ll talk condescendingly about us, but would never play us in a million years. There’s no doubt in my mind that we would curb stomp UT, even with CTH as their coach.


yea im sure they want to avoid Ed

This clearly reminds me of Briles making his golf club metaphor after he left for Baylor. Quite comical how everyone takes jabs at us and quickly forgets where they came from.

No matter, I like what I heard from Oliver about practice. He is a straight shooter just like CMA and I have a feeling this is what we needed to go to the next level. GO COOGS.

My god people! I dislike Tom Herman but yall are reading more into this than bleeding heart liberals read into every Trump tweet. He didn’t mention anything about dates. He didn’t say “last year.” He could have been talking about the 2015 season. He could have even been talking about Utah State or FIU. Get a grip people.

As far as coaching styles go, Ed wasn’t even here last Spring. Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask players that were here last Spring about the differences or at least wait until we play a single game?


I think its fair to say the media is spinning it that way and were just discussing it.But I agree with you, my initial reaction was he could mean any year in TOs resume.

TO had many great years at Utah State too.

…which Tom Herman never witnessed.


I look at it this way: Herman is a salesman and he’s trying to sell his coaching staff to the UT base since they’ve had issues warming to them so far. Think about what his base thinks about us. And the Big 12 media suckups aren’t going to go after him about what he’s saying; they’ll just laugh and say “oh that Tom Herman.”

Is it disrespectful? Sure, but he doesn’t care. He’s not coming back to Houston and he knows that so in his mind he doesn’t really give a crap about what we think. This is just who he is/was/always will be…just another entitled tu narcissist that doesn’t need to be part of our culture.

Not defending the dude; hope he has no success going forward. I’m glad he was our coach in 2015, less glad that he was our coach in 2016, and glad he’s someone else’s problem going forward.


How about sending Herman some chicken salad every time Texas loses


Those guys lost to KANSAS, could you imagine how hard that Cougar chicken salad defense would kick Texas around the field?


So he hired him as a complete unknown? lol


I see this as bulletin board material from the “old regime” for our guys. Do I care? No, I do not. I’m not in the locker room with our guys. If it gets our players extra motivation because of what an old coach said, then so be it. Let them take it and use as fuel to push them to go harder on the field.

Can you imagine a PO’ed Ed Oliver on the field wanting to destroy everyone not in a UH uniform? (Think “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” when Jefferson saw his Camaro trashed. lol!) Just saying…

Go Coogs!


Regardless of which teams he was talking about (most likely UH because he didn’t have first hand knowledge of defensive players at Orlando’s previous stops), it shows how much of an a-hole he is. There is no reason to talk bad about anybody else’s program. Very simple to say he has complete confidence in his coaches because they know how to make players better and utilize the talent given to win games, and have proven that at previous schools. Even if he wanted to say that UT has better talent, that isn’t too bad (never hear other coaches compare previous school though). This is almost like he was trying to take a shot, classless.


Why are we surprised? This is the same guy who took a dump on the entire SMU program for no reason at all, except to stroke his own ego.

To be honest, when he was acting like a complete jerk at UH I was completely fine with it.

When a women cheats on someone to get with you, don’t be surprised if she cheats on you too…

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Tom Herman may quite possibly be a sociopath. Without “knowing” him i cant be sure. However, his public actions are very telling. Sociopaths often are highly sucessful due to their lack of empathy. The concussion issue and cma deviating from those practices is very telling. The kissing, the lying straight to your face, the immediate hc searching with s carolina etc…

I’ve had at least 2 (diagnosed) in my life. They are attracted to me due to my unusually large amount of friends. I have extremely wealthy friends, successful business friends down to just regular everyday friends. If you need something, i can set you up. Sociopaths see this and want access to it. Im becoming more and more convinced with every action he takes. Every word that comes out of his mouth. He has no concern for the repercussions. He basks in the attention. The only thing that ive found that hits home with a sociopath is pointing out they may be a sociopath.

I hit him everytime i can on social media. The latest is refering to his training camp as, “the hardest, most concussion filled training in the country.” #trustyourbraininjury #lesserparts. He wont care but recruits will.


Why would one waste good chicken salad? Send him the “lesser parts”

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