From Lebanon, With Love: Alumnus Abe Najjar Supports Electrical Engineering Students with Endowed Scholarship

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Today Najjar finds himself 21 years into a successful career with Bechtel Corporation, where he serves as a senior control systems engineer – a reality made possible many years ago through the generosity of one individual.

“Thanks to a wealthy Lebanese man I received a fellowship to attend university in the U.S. and study engineering,” Najjar says.

The opportunity to enroll at the University of Houston, he adds, was the single most important aspect of his life. “My life would look a lot different today if I wasn’t given that gift to attend the University of Houston. That’s why I wanted to pay it forward and reward scholars by giving them the chance to get an education.”

Najjar established an endowed scholarship for electrical and computer engineering students with financial need at the UH Cullen College, providing the gift of world-class engineering education to students who may otherwise be unable to afford tuition.